Would the FO give in to Asante if Training Camp CB injuries occur?

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    If a situation happens in training camp that we would lose 2 corners like Randall Gay (no surprise if it happens..again) or Ellis Hobbs or any of the corners we have right now on the roster would the Patriots give in to Asante for maybe a one year deal at the over inflated price he wants? or would they go into the bargain basement players department?
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    The latter, I'm sure.
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    Bill is really pretty pragmatic. I think it would make it a lot more likely they would trade the 2008 tag and sign a one year deal to get him in. I wouldn't be surprised to see them do that anyway. I think if they cared all that much about value added draft compensation for him he'd have been gone this spring in a tag and trade. The fact that they didn't even shop him leads me to believe their intention in tagging him was to have him play, one way or the other, this season. Even if it means just getting a comp pick in 2009 once he's gone.

    Doing that also oddly increases their chances of getting him resigned to a long term deal. If his market cools approaching 2008 he could become a lot more reasonable and team oriented. I think there is no shot at a long term deal at the present time as the sides remain miles apart. It's better to give up something you don't really know you have (his trade value in 2008) than to wildly overpay for one year only to be stuck for more of it going forward because of dead cap.

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