Would Steve Spagnuolo be an idea as our next DC?

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  2. PatriotFan77

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    Can we get that Giants front four to come over as well?:)
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  3. TheTruth3402

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    I'd like to see what happens in the playoffs before we start talking about a new DC. I've been impressed with adjustments Patricia has made the last few weeks.

    Also, it doesn't hurt that he's getting most of his personnel back healthy.

    I'm cautiously optimistic.


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    It is Rare when Belichick goes outside the team to bring someone in,but this defense cannot continue to be at the bottom yearly and needs a guy with experience and success to get them to a higher level.

    Regardless of what happens the rest of the year.
  5. VrabelJr

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    Give any DC enough toys and they will make it happen. He was a good LB coach in Philly but in Giants he spoiled with toys. He probably deserved one more year in St Louis but that defense should have been top 10 in the league with the draft picks he used on it.
  6. MoLewisrocks

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    Do we really need three threads in the same week about something that isn't remotely going to happen?
  7. PatsWickedPissah

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    Thread merge needed
  8. Kid~Brady

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    I know Bill is a very good defensive minded coach and takes pride in running the defense but do you think if he hired a defensive coordinator, his job would be alot easier and the defense possibly gets better?

    The defense has been struggling for some time now, we all know this and Bill's defensive talent has been questioned.

    Would he consider bringing Steve Spagnuolo here for a defensive boost? I know it won't happen but just think. Thoughts?
  9. Re: Spags?

    No ...

    Carry -On..
  10. parthasas

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    Re: Spags?

    I had the same question couple of weeks back when it became clear that he will be fired ! But just got the same answer that you got !

    Ain's happening ! but honestly, I don't know why :confused:
  11. patfanken

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    Believe me, this defense has as good chance of making a Texan's type quick turn around next season. Maybe not moving from the rear into the top 5, but easily into the top 15. And with this offend, having a defense that is in the top 15 in total yds would make this team almost unbeatable. Here's how it happens.

    1. We rebuild the safety position by signing one of the top 2 FA safeties out there, and drafting a rookie FS type (ie Lester) in the 2nd round. Then you add a healthy Chung and Barrett plus Iheadabu as a special teamer/injury replacement and we are half way there.

    2. We get Dowling back healthy and draft another bigger type CB with one of the first 4 picks. Now we have a CB of McCourty Arrington, Dowling, high end rookie, plus the best of Moldin, Moore, and Jones (pick 2)

    3. Get Carter back healthy. Resign Anderson. Get Cunningham back healthy, and draft at DE/OLB pass rush type with one of the first 4 picks

    4. I like the young DLmen and how they are developing. Deadrick, Brace, Love, Pryor, Wilfolk to go along with Wilfolk, Anderson and Carter is a fine group. Adding another rookie or FA for competition only makes it better

    So since we are going highly hypothetical here Here is a defense I'm sure will be top 15 in total yards and top 10 in scoring - not a huge move in either category.

    First 5 draft picks

    Upshaw OLB
    Minnefield - CB
    Lester - S
    DE/DT - take your pick
    WR - Take your pick

    DL - Carter, Anderson, Wilfolk, Deadrick, Love, Pryor, Brace, rookie/FA

    OLB - Ninkovich, Cunningham, Upshaw

    ILB - Mayo, Fletcher, Spikes, Tarpanian (coverage LB)

    CBs - Arrrington, McCourty, Dowling, Minnefield, Moldin, Moore

    S's - Chung, Landry/Mathis, Lester, Barrett, Iheadabu.

    That's 26 primarily defensive players, if you HAVE to go with 25 delete a guy who has the least special teams value
  12. patfanken

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    BTw- before I got carried away on my last post, I had meant to say that the ONLY way BB brings in a guy who has such a fundamentally different defensive philosophy would be if he made the radical change in his own belief systems and decided THAT philosophy cannot succeed under the current rules that offense are played under. And that isn't happening
  13. borisman

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    The only adjustment I've seen in this winning streak is playing bad teams and having them beat themselves. And Brady taking advantage of it.

    I doubt Bill hires an outside coordinator unless he's somehow connected to him.
  14. Texxx

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    The Pats aren't going to make any type of Texans turnaround on their defense until they get someone else to run their defense and some great players in free agency to fill some holes and pay those guys. The Texans never got better on defense because they wouldn't do it either, and they finally did when they got Manning and Joseph in free agency and spent most of their early draft picks on defensive players this season with a guy like Wade who knew what to look for. BB has proven that he isn't cutting it as far as rebuilding this defense the right way.

    Spag would be a fantastic hire for the Pats. I'd love to see it.
  15. Reckedtrek

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    If it happens, the headline could read: When it comes to DC's, BB shops at Spag's.

    (Does anyone here remember Spag's?)
  16. stcjones

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    If Bill Belichick feels that Steve Spagnuolo would be a better candidate for 2012 DC than any of the other assistants he could promote, or the current DC Patricia......then Steve Spagnuolo will be getting a call from Bill Belichick....it is that simple ;)
  17. PatsWickedPissah

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  18. drew4008

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    I want someone new, anyone new. We've had the easiest schedule the past 8 or so weeks and we've still been subpar, so I don't know how anyone can say they "like what they've seen lately".

    If we face Green Bay or New Orleans in the Super Bowl (don't call me a spoiled hater because I'm predicting we'll make it there unlike lots of ppl lol), then I can't help but think it'll be just like that Saints game from a couple years back where we got completely lit up over and over again.
  19. DaBruinz

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    Umm.. The Pats have less holes than the Texans did. The Pats need a starting Safety who can play in the system and a RDE for the 3-4. Beyond that, things are gravy..

    I think that you overlook how much talent the Texans had on defense previously.

    As for going to the Wade Philips 1-Gap 3-4, it has it's advantages and disadvantages.. It's not as stout against the run and can be burned more easily on screens. And it puts more pressure on the corners..
  20. DaBruinz

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    This is just BS talk. In 6 of the last 8 weeks, the Pats didn't allow a 300 yard passer. That's how I can say I've liked what I've seen. And that is pretty damn good considering that they haven't had their starting ILB in Spikes or their starting Safety in Chung. Never mind the other JAGS they've had to play defense with.

    As for "getting completely lit up over and over again," fine. Think that way. All it does is show that you haven't been paying attention to the adjustments that the Pats have been making earlier in games than they were known for.
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