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  1. NoCal Patriot

    NoCal Patriot Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    The title of this post decribes last night's game.Poor Timeout management,a Dumb Penalty by Dave Thomas,and a sure drop by Jabar Gaffney,and some questionable playcalling by Josh McDaniel all contributed to this loss.If any or all of these things are corrected ,We are on the other side of the scoreboard.
    There are positives but right now isn't the time.This is a game that could have been won but The Patriots were their own worst enemy.
    The Colts played like the most desparate Team and found a way to win.The Patriots could have stuck the folk in The Colts but they didn't and The Colts got up off of the mat.
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  2. NEGoldenAge

    NEGoldenAge Banned

    I don't think the play calling was bad at all, McDaniels did a fine job. The challenge by BB was iffy, but not terrible, and I don't think his calling a time-out was a mistake... he saw something he didn't like. Jab has to make those catches, that was a well thrown ball. I don't think Thomas' penalty was dumb. I was borderline at best, and when the officials are calling a loose game, it's truly idiotic for them to make a call like that at such a critical moment.

    Gaff's drop + bad call = gift for the colts.
  3. xmarkd400x

    xmarkd400x 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Would have: Won if Jabar didn't drop that pass
    Could have: Won if Thomas didn't get that idiot penalty.
    Should have: Kicked the figgie when they did. (You know, the T.O. that is getting a lot of attention)
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