Will Nick Saban coax BB into drafting another of his players now at Bama?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. PATRIOT64

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    Saban and BB have always been close friends dating back to when Saban was LSU coach and BB must have liked what he heard and saw from Saban's players because we drafted several of them in the years Saban was there and maybe now that Saban is out of the NFL and back in college as new Alabama coach he might coax BB into taking a chance on a Bama Senior player,none of which I see anywhere until mid 2nd round at best.

    Don't be shocked if Saban and BB meet sometime in the next month,Have a discussion of some of Nick's seniors heading to the NFL and we take one of them,maybe even two in the later rounds...I can see us picking at least one of them from 3rd to 6th rounds mainly guys like

    Le'Ron McClain FB - Probably goes late 2nd,If hes there in the 3rd I think we should take a shot.

    OLB Juwan Simpson or
    OLB Terrence Jones - Heard some decent things about these guys,both might make a good 5th/6th round picks

    CB Ramzee Robinson - In an area of need for us he might be of some value if still there in the 4th or 5th round

    DE Chris Harris - Not sure about this player,maybe a 6th rounder

    DT Jeremy Clark - Looks like a reach in making the pros but should be there in the 6th if we need another DT backup

    Saban may not have coached these guys who are leaving before his first game as HC at Alabama but can I see him nudging BB a bit and would not be shocked if we did take a gamble on one or two of them.

    With the exception of Le'ron McClain this might be the worst senior Alabama squad entering the draft that I have seen in a while but who knows if we draft and find a jewel among these 6 guys.
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    Back to when he was coach at LSU???????? Saban was on BB's staff with the Clevland Browns - in the early 1990's. Also, Belichick probably knows as much if not more about Bama's Senior players than Saban. Why would Saban give a rat's as@ about graduating seniors from a program that he became coach at 2.5 months ago. When he became coach he was busy trying to convince recruits to come his way, not to get enough info. on graduating seniors to pass onto his longtime friend.
  3. DarrylS

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    While I do not expect a rush this year, in the future I expect some inside scouting reports on Bama and other conference players being funneled directly to Foxboro.
  4. Danny Boy®

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    With the exception of Jarvis Green, weve gotten squat from Nick Saban.

    I'd stay far away from any of his recommendations.
  5. Patjew

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    No Jersey Selected

    Gay was a solid contributor in 2004.
  6. MoLewisrocks

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    Talk about a lame excuse to get a draft thread on the main board...:rolleyes:

    I bet Saban and BB have already met or discussed at length the things Nick observed while in the AFCE - including some of the NFL players he actually coached at Miami.
  7. PatsMyBoyz!

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    Saban and BB have an equitable relationship and given the fact we've gotten 3 ex-Miami players on board this year would certainly point to the existence of some brain-picking.

    Nick Saban-the gift that keeps on giving. Welker sounds like a gem.

    *The most recent signing-Eddie Jackson-is a curious one. In a way I sort of liked it;one because it implies an ongoing communication b/w BB and Evil Nick (there must have been some communication on that one:confused: ) and two he's the kind of head-scratcher we're used to seeing in years past lol.

    Whether or not all this also indicates a pipeline to Bama is another story, but if that turns out to be the case,I won't complain:D
  8. FreeTedWilliams

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    Having Saban back in the SEC, is where he will be of the most help. How many SEC alums (I realize I'm using that word loosely when we are talking about the graduation rate of college football players) are on the Pats now? Off the top of my head there are at least ten guys from Georgia and Florida alone. Outside of the "U", the SEC has most talent in college football. having a first hand scouting report will be BB best gift from his old pal Nick (that, and trading for Culpepper).
  9. DaBruinz

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    Neither Gay nor Eric Alexander were draft picks.

    Of the 14 drafted players that Saban might have had input on, only 4 have amounted to anything more than a one year wonder.

    Matt Light, Tom Brady, Jarvis Green, Ben Watson.

    Now, Saban COULD have an an influence on players we DIDN'T draft, but there is no accounting for those.

    Honestly, I think the whole relationship with Collegew coaches is blow out of proportion by fans.
  10. FreeTedWilliams

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    I just counted 17 current Pats are from SEC schools.

  11. JDSal45

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    Greg Robinson-Randall starterd every game the first Super Bowl team. That was at least one good season and he played for Saban.

    J D Sal
  12. Danny Boy®

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    Yes, but I'm of the opinion that pressure up front makes for a good secondary.
  13. patsgo

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    this saban thing is overblown weler torched the pats in front of belichecks eyes and didnt need saban to tell him same with morris belichecksaw him in miami and buffalo the only decent player they got from saban is green
  14. stinkypete

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    Where did you read this? McClain is a decent blocking fullback. He plays a dying position in the NFL and his type is a dime a dozen. He goes no higher than round 5.
  15. PatsMyBoyz!

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    Obviously the Pats are capable of determining a player's abilities on their own. I didn't imply they weren't,nor did I imply Saban was the brains behind anything. I'm simply saying that sometimes there are intangibles that are not always evident on the field. There's more to a player than talent as we know only too well,and the Pats place high value on such things.

    When viewed in that light,there's nothing so earth-shattering about shedding some light on a player's work-ethic,locker room presence, etc.
  16. PATRIOT64

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    No S**t sherlock - Relax and take a nap - Looks like too much caffeine the way you jumped on this post
  17. PATRIOT64

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    You got something better to say then say it-Make a brilliant post for once.

    From the looks,I say you have nothing to say better,At least I try to post something other than Fantasy Baseball League that most on here don't give a crap about - Baseball sucks - Period.
  18. PATRIOT64

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    In scout website he was,I believe in the 70s top players area as projected draft status,That to me looks like 3rd round - not that its going to happen but thats a projection I read.
  19. JoeSixPat

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    I think the point of BB drafting Saban players in the past wasn't just to do Saban a favor... it was because Saban had been coaching these kids for 3 or 4 years and that they were well versed in a system that wasn't all that different from BB's system.

    Given the fact that

    1.) Saban hasn't coached a game at Alabama, nor seen these guys play beyond the same tape that BB has access to and

    2.) They haven't been playing in a BB/Saban system... that makes it a stretch for me to think we're going to see a trend of players coming out of Alabama until next year at the very earliest

    The only reason I can think of is that it's BB thowing a bone to Saban, to help his recruiting by being able to show that Saban's NFL contacts pay dividends for his players.

    That's not a stretch to think that would happen - in the 6th or 7th rounds... and it's in BB's best interest to help Saban's recruiting in the long run too.

    But aside from that, don't be expecting much.
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  20. PATRIOT64

    PATRIOT64 In the Starting Line-Up

    I am not expecting much indeed and maybe it won't happen this year but for guys who bash this post,If even one of those players I mentioned gets drafted by NE in the late rounds,I think you need to come back to this post and change your views a bit.

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