Why is everyone so high on Lendale White?

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  1. midwestpatsfan

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    I see a lot of people on this and some other boards so excited if Lendale White falls to 21. My question is why? He played on a very good team in college and was used in very specific situations. We have no knowledge of weather or not he can be an everydown back. He does indeed have impressive size, but that could work against him as well. He could be Ron Dayne for all we know. At the combine he looked like an offensive lineman who was soft around the middle. Until he runs at his pro day, I am not ready to get on that bandwagon.
    My second point is this- With the way Free agency has panned out so far, realistically all but Reggie Bush could be there at 21. IMO, Lendale White, Deangelo Williams, Lawrence Maroney, and Joseph Addai all fit into the same tier for running backs. The Colts at the end of the 1st and the Jets at the beginning of the second would be the next 2 teams to take a running back. If we assume that Belichick uses a value system for the draft, it would not be good value to take one of those running backs at 21 when all four are still on the board. Trading down or taking some other position at 21 and then waiting until the last of the 4 are left and then trading up in the second would make for a much better value for a running back.
    This draft is starting to shape up just like drafts for the last few years. Runningbacks tend to start falling down draft boards and the real value could be had much later than the 21st pick.
    It is now realistic that a back like Addai could be still available when we pick in the second round, and personally I like him as well if not better than some of the other highly profiled backs.

    What do you think? Am I crazy for thinking this way?
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    I don't think you're crazy at all. I still am concerned with why he showed up 15 pounds overweight to the National Championship game. That's pretty undisciplined if you ask me. He said it was due to Thanksgiving but that's november, they played in January! So like you, I'm not convinced either. But he does remind me of Bettis and even if he was a Steeler, I liked the way he played quite a bit. I think if they are thinking of drafting him it might make sense to give Pete Caroll a call and see what type of work ethic LenDale displayed during his years at USC.
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  3. R_T26

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    White is big and fast, and with an NFL training schedule can tighten up a bit. He has prototype size and speed, and knows how to get in the endzone. The fact that he played for a very good team shouldnt hurt him considering he was one of the reasons they were very good.
  4. scout

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    I like White and think his carries and yardage would have been excellent had Reggie Bush played for another team. Its interesting also, that on USC's biggest play of the season, Bush was on the sideline while the ball was handed off to White. I think he would be a good back for the Patriots and could very well be there at 21. That doesn't mean we will pick him as you mentioned in the value system scheme. I think with all the free agent signings and the moves to come, that a number of players will drop and then we have our choice of a top reciever, running back, or other. I don't have a clue right now but enjoy reading the speculation.
  5. MrTibbs

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    If White is that size now imagine after a season in the NFL. The guy is going to be a slob.
  6. Jdubh3

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    White was the best true RB USC had last year. Reggie Bush plays a role similar to Kevin Faulk. If you remember Kevin at LSU he was unstoppable, but just too small for the NFL. Now flash back to Jerome when he first got to Pittsburgh. He was a monster. LenDale had a great NC game. Texas had one of the best defenses in college football last year, and he ran over, around, and through them. He carried the ball for the bulk of USC's yards in the NC game. If you thought he looked fat in the NC game, I could care less because he ran like a man among boys in that game. Take away the diving TD by Reggie Bush in that game and no one would even know that he played.
  7. drewdagreat

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    He's very very very talented. I'd get him.
  8. Dagg

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    He is most certainly an every down back at 6ft+ and 235, it just so happened he shared the back field with a very talented Reggie Bush, *see Ronnie Brown And Cadillac Williams Auburn 04'
  9. tombonneau

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    I've watched almost all of Lendales college games. He's a beast. Period. Is he a bit immature and undisciniplined (coming out of a poodle coached team? No way!) Sure he is. But so are 50% or more of the guys coming out of college. I mean, the way people are character assassinating him, you'd think he was Pacman Jones or something.

    IMO he has the very strong potential to be an elite RB.

    And frankly, the way the WR cupboard is bare in NE, I'd rather they draft White and run the **** out of him and Corey this year, then have Brady dropping back as much as he did last year.
  10. Joker

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    I thought White was a bull last season at S.C. Check the game stats....Bush is flashy but White had big yardage almost every game and takes good angles on hits from the LB's. He runs north south and is a load. I agree Tom,he'd be a great pick at 21. Will he fall that far? I doubt it
  11. scout

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    You may have something there. Pound the ball with Dillon and White and throw short to (Johnson) and our tight ends. Branch will get his.
  12. Feep_FLA

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    Lendale White is a BEAST! :rocker:

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