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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by AGHPatsfan, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. AGHPatsfan

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    I have been a lurker on this site for years,I love reading about my favorite team. The first thing I do when I get home from work is visit to see if there is any news. But I have never felt the need to join until now. I wanted to have a way to ask Ian to clean this site up. Dont jump on me I understand Ian does a great job and its hard babysit all of us Pats Fans. What I would like Ian to put an end to is the influx of fake Pats fans that just use their accounts to enflame real Pats fans. Im not talking about some people who have a less than glowing reviews of everything the team does, those "constructive criticizers" I'm fine with. Its the ones that are obviously fans of other teams and add nothing constructive to the conversation, only insults to the team as in spygate camera references and put downs of other members. They have killed my enjoyment of this site and I am sure many others as well. Please Ian, ask around if you need to the perpetrators are many and obvious. I want this site back for real Pats fans(and respectful fans of other teams who identify themselves as such. If you take the time to read this Ian I thank you in advance and ask you start the cleanup with one member in particular (the straw that broke the camels back and forced me to join) tanked_as_usual = he not only insults the organization with camera references and other insults but his constant name calling of other members.

    p.s. to those who call other members homers, A homer is a member of the media that openly roots for the home team, an average joe like most of us are whats known as fans
  2. #56300ex

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    Welcome AGHPatsfan,

    As you know, sometimes it's hard to tell whether someone is being sarcastic or just trying to stir the pot. I myself have been misunderstood a couple times because my point was lost in translation. Due to the absence of gestures and body language, carrying on a conversation (or a debate) with another person on the internet is way different than being face to face.

    Don't get me wrong, there are a few a$$holes here that are out to pick fights with other members, and most of them wouldn't even think about doing it in person. I guess they feel safer behind their keyboards.

    That being said, if there are certain members here that take away any enjoyment this site provides, just put them on your ignore list.
  3. Gunnails

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    Just take what you want and leave the rest. You alone are responsible for enjoying the board or not.

  4. the funny thing is that I am more of a pats fan than you are

    a homer is not objective......I am objective.......and I am not blind to the weaknesses of my team when they happen.

    when I express concerns of those weaknesses, I get insulted, so I insult in return.......in fact, I think I am more sincere than most here

    I want to apologize to you for unintentionally triggering such anger......it was not my intent, but I do believe your reason for joining seems somewhat abnormal
  5. AGHPatsfan

    AGHPatsfan Banned

    No you are a Jets fan. A homer label does not apply to fans. That is an ignorant term when it is applied to fans. All fans are by definition homers. We can still be objective but you are ridiculously critical of everything they do. You are not fooling anyone. Why dont you admit what team you are a fan of? Ashamed much?
  6. actually, I am not critical of everything they do.......

    you are correct that homer does not apply to many fans.....but it does apply to the ones like you who fight me tooth and nail.....how so? simple....there are other fans who agree with me

    I am not ashamed at all......pro sports is nothing to get ashamed about......but I am objective and you are not

    I did report you for insulting me by calling me a jets fan
  7. Ian

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    This thread was started by a banned member who registered with a new account. Please disregard.
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