Where developmental talent is most needed

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    DB -- Hobbs is signed through 2009. Harrison and Sanders are signed through 2008. Andrews is locked up for a few years. That's about it for talent secured past 2007, athough in Samuel's and even Gay's case that might yet change.

    WR -- Welker is signed long term. Jackson is signed through 2009. The Pats have an option on Stallworth we have no idea whether they'll want to execute. That's about it past 2007.

    LB -- Thomas, Vrabel, and Colvin are signed through 2011, 2009, and 2008 respectively. We know Tedy will stay a Pat as long as he plays at all. Alexander and the other youngsters are locked up via ERFA/RFA/whatever, if nothing else. Someone like Hartwell might still get signed as a vet.

    DL -- Seymour, Wilfork, and Green are signed through 2009. Warren is signed through 2008. Wright is on his last year, and could easily get signed away as an RFA after that (this will be only his third season, right?).


    Like everybody else, I see DB as the big developmental need at this point. But a high WR pick is just as likely as a high LB one. And a mid-round DL investment seems more likely than I had realized.

    As for TE -- both Watson and Thomas are signed through 2009.
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    We should definatley get Ty Warren a new deal before this season. He might hold out like Seymour did.
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    Ty Warren has got to be the next Patriot to get an extension. He really stepped up last year. I don't see him holding out this year though.

    DB- We definitely need developmental talent in the secondary. If Artrell Hawkins is starting for us next season, we're in trouble. If they were to draft a Nelson I wonder if they would use Geno at corner.

    WR-I think they'll draft someone late and use him sparingly this year. Like they did with Givens in 2002. I don't see them drafting someone that will make a difference in 2007.

    LB-For 2007 we'll be alright here. A young linebacker to develope into the system wouldn't hurt though.

    DL- Belichick loves his d-line. I wouldn't be surpised if they took one in the first round.

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