What else do we need? The rest of FA & draft?

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  1. Leemo

    Leemo Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    #87 Jersey

    So if we sign Sanders how are we at wideout? Still need Edelperson? Still need Edelperson and to draft a couple of WR?

    CB - Do we still need another decent FA CB? Nnamdi? Winfield? or can Glass-IR Dowling step up and stay healthy? Do we still draft a cornerback, whatever happens if FA?

    Safety - is the depth there or are we still a body short? Adrian Wilson and McCourty should start but after that, are we strong enough?

    Pass rush - I'd guess most of us would like at least John Abraham... is asking for Freeney too much? Do we just need one or the other? What about Dumervil?

    Vollmer. Do we/don't we re-sign him? If we don't then how bigger priority will it be in the draft? About CB? Above WR?
  2. strngplyr

    strngplyr In the Starting Line-Up

    Need to see a clearer cap number before we can address specific possibilities.

    I'd like to see either Edelman or Sanders at WR now that Lloyd is gone, it'll probably be a near wash, maybe small savings for either one. This would give us:

    Amendola/Jones/Sanders(Edelman (both?))/Slater - Could use one more, Slater doens't really count. I'm interested in the Bills other FA, Nelson. He'd be a nice redzone target. I feel like we're adding, or attempting to add, players who can score from anywhere in the field. If we lose Gronk again our Redzone offense suffers, Nelson would be another big body who could go over people, Jones/Sanders/Edelman I feel like can score from our 20 or the opponents 20 given their speed and quickness. (I am aware of how unproven they all really are, its that ugly word "potential" again, with these guys)

    A.Wilson won't be a 3-down safety, it depends on how well T.Wilson or Gregory are viewed in coverage, I think the position is set if the CB play is solid as well. Corner needs at least one more ST/Depth player, Cole could fill that role.

    I don't see big changes in the defensive backfield from here on out, maybe a draft pick.

    I think this unit gets blamed too much on occasion for what should be the Pass Rushes fault. These guys are asked to cover for insane amounts of time far too often. That said, I do not forgive them when they are clearly out of position, which also happens too much.

    They core of the unit is still very young:
    Tavon Wilson (22)
    Alfonzo Dennard (23)
    Devin McCourty (25)
    Kyle Arrington (26)
    Aqib Talib (27)

    Run defense should be fine (all 3 starting LBs are strong run stoppers, Jones, Wilfork, and Ninko are also strong run stuffers). Pass rush is sitll horrendous. Jones looks like the real deal but one pass rusher doesn't cut it and our interior rush is non-existant. Ninko can get there if the secondary holds up for 5+ seconds but he's never going to consistently blow anyone away.

    This is an area we still need to address. Armstead hopefully helps the interior rush and we've brought in a pair of veteran edge rushers who would allow for rotation and to kick someone else insides (Jones?) for a nice 3rd down pass rush package.

    I think Dumervil is the best option, I've read about his run-stopping issues but we have some very big LBs who will be playing behind him to help with that. He'd play good opposite Jones, IMO, and would allow Ninko to kick inside as in passing downs or add depth at OLB. Issue is price.

    If we can add a proven pass rusher I think our defense is set. ANY extra pressure over what we generated last year will make the secondary look star-studded. Those guys can't cover for 5-7 seconds every play.

    We need a legitimate tackle. I don't know if I trust Cannon for that role. Vollmers market obviously isn't anything special or he would have signed by now. His injury history clearly worries teams quite a bit, because he is a very good player when he's out there.

    Otherwise, just the usual UDFA/late round depth draft pick.


    As far as priority of these go:
    Pass Rusher (need)
    Wide Receiver (need)
    Offensive Line (need/depth)
    DB (depth)

    We're close to being set, IMO, and we havent even hit the draft yet. I might be overly optimistic but this has been a rather solid FA period for us as I see it, and we clearly have intentions to continue improving on the 2 areas I think we need most (WR/Pass Rush).
  3. stelfans

    stelfans On the Game Day Roster

    Sign Vollmer, Sanders, Abraham & another DB for depth.
    Draft a WR, DL, OL.

    If they can get another pass rusher trough FA all the better.
  4. Blackluck

    Blackluck Practice Squad Player

    On Vollmer, according to Pro Football Talk, Long is holding up the tackle market, which might explain why there hasn't been any news on that situation. I really hope we keep him, if not then tackle rises significantly in the draft.

    I'm quite disappointed that we're seemingly standing pat (pun?) on our DBs. Ugh. Same crew as last year, didn't exactly get it done.

    Still don't have an X receiver, and none of the guys we signed or rumored to sign (i.e. Sanders) is that guy. History suggests we won't draft a WR in the 1st, but there's also a decent chance we trade down, so we still might get someone like Hunter or Hopkins.

    Interior pass rush and DE remain. All indications are the team is actively pursuing the position (from the rumored interest in M. Johnson to Abraham, Freeney, even Doom) so if we don't address that in FA I would look at DE for our first round pick.
  5. robertweathers

    robertweathers Pro Bowl Player

    You don't need an elite secondary to win the SB.

    They signed Wilson and resigned Talib and Arrington. They did get it done in the 2nd 1/2 of the season.

    The Wilson signing along w/ Fletcher returning (add DMC, Talib, Tavon, Dennard and KA) give them an outstanding dime defense.

    The team needs more talent up-front that can generate pressue from the front 4,5 or 6.

    As you say OL, big WR that can stretch the field are also needed.
  6. Taxed in Maine

    Taxed in Maine On the Game Day Roster

    One in FA and a FIRST rd draft pick.
    They have Vince, and a whole roster full of JAGS. It's like putting a couple band-aids over a sucking chest wound. They have no one to line up next to Vince that demands the attention of the opposing offense.
    They have needed a serious injection of talent at DT for many years now. They haven't won a SB since they jettisoned their DT talent.

    No more DE's!

    An Offensive Tackle.

    No more WRs unless they decide to bring back Edelman.
  7. Observer

    Observer 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    OL is most important, whether or not Vollmer is signed.
  8. patsfaninpa

    patsfaninpa In the Starting Line-Up

    I'm hoping we sign Abraham and Sanders. We lose the three. But, that would indicate to me that BB has a deal in place for Mallett to get some picks back. In the draft, I'd be happy with dt and wr. Kawann Short and Markus Wheaton. If we got a pick for Mallett, I'd go ol. Look at the scrap heap for a back-up qb and olb who can cover
  9. Jimke

    Jimke In the Starting Line-Up

    OL Would like to see Vollmer re-signed. Cannon looked terrible last
    year in the preseason. Draft an offensive lineman early on.

    WR Need a couple of good wide receivers. Better get them in free
    agency or by trade (Sanders). Belichick terrible at drafting them.

    CB Need a couple more. Can't count on Dennard. Cole (if re-signed)
    and Williams not very good. Would like to see another free agent
    because draft history has been spotty.

    SS Draft loaded Draft one.

    DT Draft loaded. Draft one early on.

    DE Would like to get a wily veteran to tutor young guys.

    LB Would like a good cover linebacker.
  10. mgteich

    mgteich PatsFans.com Veteran PatsFans.com Supporter

    A) Amedola and Jones replaces Welker and Branch.
    B) We need to add two to replace Lloyd and Edelman. If Sanders is signed, then we still need another free agent (although this could be the dozen JAGs we had last year).

    We NEED three corners and we HAVE three corners. If Dowling is on the team for Game One, he is our backup. We then may or may not have an emergency #5 STer/WR like Cole.
    What we will likely do is sign some camp competition for these last EOR spots. I don't think any big signings will happen.

    Tavon Wilson and Gregory are quite sufficient as backup safeties. The 4th safety doesn't get many reps, except when there are injuries. Even then, we often rely on the top 2. So, no, we are not a body short. HOWEVER, depending on how the team evaluates Tavon Wilson, we may draft a safety.

    Dumervil is clearly our first choice. If not, then either or both of Freeney and Abraham is fine.

    We will re-sign Vollmer, sign a replacement, or sign a backup. Depending on who is on board by the time of the draft, we could draft an OL. I would also expect a replacement for Thomas.

    Ideally we will come into the draft with no real NEEDS, and will have the luxury of looking to the future at CB, S, OT, and/or DT. Obviously, Belichick may be in a position to be almost forced to draft a WR.

  11. FourierSeries

    FourierSeries 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    #12 Jersey

    A pass rusher and CB depth.
  12. nzahir

    nzahir Rookie

    Wr-Draft a guy like da rick rodgers or justin hunter in round 2-3 if available.
    Dt-draft one in round 1 or if we trade to a high round 2 then draft one there...or we can try to sign a guy like seymour
    De-sign abraham, freeney, or dumervil(we should sign the cheapest one)
    Cb-If we can sign a guy like grimes for cheap then thats good, or maybe spend it on a 1st rounder if a guy like trufant is there...would change up the dt plans though
    Rt-if we can sign winston for less than volmer do so, we can also go with marcus, maybe draft a guy in the middle rounds, or draft dj fluker in round 1 if hes available
  13. Thirdbasekid24

    Thirdbasekid24 On the Game Day Roster

    #24 Jersey

    Hopefully draft DeAndre Hopkins. Just the kind of WR the Pats could benefit from. I'd much prefer to see Vollmer resigned then having to roll with Cannon as a starting RT.
  14. Bruins29

    Bruins29 In the Starting Line-Up

    I thought Cannon was ok and has upside. They just signed a Tackle.

    They need a WR and an expensive one lol
  15. Big-T

    Big-T Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #51 Jersey

    A CB and a pass rusher, no need for a WR go young there Brady will spread the ball around more instead of relying on just one of them to get the job done, get some unpredictability back.
  16. patfanken

    patfanken Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    #91 Jersey

    Interesting exercise of a Sunday afternoon after a long brisk walk. Pardon me MG if I use our post as a template

    OK lets assume Sanders is a done deal. I see it a bit differently. RIght now you have Sanders and DA as your first 2 WRs on a team that will not always have 2 WRs on the field. (I'm betting we're in some kind of 3 TE's 25% of the time) That means we have to add at least 2 guys, assuming Jones makes the roster.

    If I had my way it right this minute it would be Edelman, and DHB, or if we are on the cheap Edelman and DNelson. I can easily see us carrying only 4 true WR's this season with Hernandez being a swing guy and Slater the emergency guy We are sure to carry 4 TE's and I can't see us carrying 5 WRs plus Matthew. q0 recievers???? The most likely scenario is LLoyd or Edelman come back but not both, and I'll have to live ANOTHER year without my big WR. Cmon Kareem ;)

    We have FOUR CB's (yea of little faith) Dennard, Talib, Arrington, and Dowling. We need all 4...plus a spare, and that's were a top draft pick could go

    We see this a bit differently. I'm hoping that TWilson has progressed to the point where we don't need AWilson as a 3 down S.

    I'm hoping we actually go back to the notion of having a separate distinction between the FS and SS, at least on first down. On passing situations I want to see McCourty and Wilson/Gregory as the deep S's, and AWilson in the box as the "coverage LB" No more watching Spikes and Hightower floundering around the secondary. I want AWilson on the field all 3 downs, just not all 3 a Safety.

    We are done at S, imho, unless Gregory is a surprise release. People don't realize how happy the Pats were with Tavon's development last season. Again unless we are keeping 10 DB's we aren't doing anything but create competition. This is a great safety class, but I'm wondering if a high pick is worth it.

    Dummeriville is too expensive and doesn't bring enough beyond an outstanding pass rush to the table. BB wouldn't go for it at the price he's looking for ($8MM/yr minimum) But I love the idea of a solid veteran situational pass rusher. Abraham is my first choice over Freeny. In fact I'm surprised you didn't mention Andre Carter, he'd be my cheaper alternative. He was in a horrible situation in Oakland last year, and still managed to show he still has some jump in his step. I'd let Freeney go to Denver,

    I don wan no stinkin' substiutes. I want Volmer. Right now the top of the OT (including LT's) is around $8MM/yr. I'd be fine with signing Seabass tp a $5MM/yr contract that can get to close to $8MM simply by being healthy.

    When he's healthy he's certainly worth $2MM UNDER the franchise tag. I'm confident in the rest of the OL and while we need to replace Thomas, we should be able to get him from the same junk pile we got Thomas, Connolly, Andruzzi, Hochstein, etc. With Volmer signed, Cannon and Connolly can fight for the top RG spot, while both back up at numerous positions as well as McDonald who also plays multiple positions. Solder, Mankins, Wendell, Connolly Volmer, Cannon, and McDonald can be a superior OL. Now add 2 pieces in training and we are all set.;

    The pass rushing/penetrating DT is every team's white whale. That's the problem. Everyone wants one. Everyone is looking for one....and there are so few to be found. Everyone who looks remotely like a sure thing will be gone by 29. And if we chose to go DT, what will be left for us at 27 and 59 will be full of risk and question marks.....OR be "solid run stuffers" We got that in Deadrick and Love.

    I have to tell you, that compared to the last several years, if things keep keepiin' on, this could very well be one of the least interesting drafts in recent memory. Everyone will be happy with the 4 guys we got. There will be zero expectations this year,. It will NEED at LEAST a Mallet blockbuster deal to grab my interest.
  17. strngplyr

    strngplyr In the Starting Line-Up

    I disagree on Dumervil's price, he accepted 8m from Denver because he knew the open market wouldn't give him nearly as much. He would have told them to cut him from the start if he thought he could get "at least" 8m with Denver asking him to take a huge paycut.
  18. JackBauer

    JackBauer Pro Bowl Player

    1a.) Pass rusher(s)
    1b.) WR

    2.) OL, but really depends on Vollmer
  19. supafly

    supafly PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    #32 Jersey

    I don't see how we could afford Vollmer, JB. Not salary wise or cap wise.

    They could always open up more money I suppose, but we need the pass rusher and WR more than the OT in my opinion, and there's no way they can get all 3 with the space they have at the moment.
  20. Ivan

    Ivan Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    #75 Jersey

    WR is still the biggest need, as it stands they are worse now than they were last season, and you can't go into the season with your WR corps worse than it was the season before and hope for great results. They should be able to re-sign Edelman to a short term deal for 4-5 million that allows him to hit the market again in a couple of years, and if he maximizes his opportunites and produces could get him a much better deal at that time. Bringing him back would still leave them short of last seasons WR unit but one really good addition would bring it back to equal if not better, and they can find that either in the remains of free agency or high in the draft, regardless of their track record in that department. I doubt Coradelle Patterson, Keenan Allen, Tavon Austin, and Robert Woods will al be gone, so they should be able to go WR in the first and get one of those prospects, and any of them with Edelman would give them a good enough corps of Wr's to produce what they need next season.

    Vollmer is next, unless the price is simply too high, then they will have to find other options and replacing him won't be easy.The Solder pick is looking really good at this point and shows that Belichick understood that need when everyone else was looking for the DE/LB pass rusher in the first .And while we are looking at WR/DB in the first this Draft I wouldn't be surprised if Belichick was thinking more along the lines of Jesse Williams to put either beside Wilfork or to replace him if they go that route, which like Welker would piss me off to no end. Either way he likes to have the successor in hand.

    Pass Rusher. i would have had this before Vollmer but they actually have some decent talent to get after the passer as it stands, with Jones, Hightower, Mayo,and Ninkovich. That's not too say it isn't a big need still because it is, but a first rate RT is more important than another pass rusher, hopefully they can address both but the drop off from Vollmer to Cannon looks too big right now. Dumervil would really help but I would be fine with Freeney or Abraham or both if possible.

    One more DB-A veteran CB who could join their rotation would really solidify the pass defense going into 2013, and give them some depth to withstand injuries, especially if I-Dowling can't make it, and that's not exactly a leap.

    Good start to the offseason despite some things that suck, but plenty of work left to do.
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