What are your plans for the offseason?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Brownfan80, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Brownfan80

    Brownfan80 In the Starting Line-Up

    Most of us have other hobbies that we'll be moving on to, so I'm just curious what all of you have planned for the offseason.

    I, as I've stated before in a much different type of thread :)eat1:), write music.. so that'll be a big part of my offseason. I've also been thinking about taking painting back up, as that's another hobby that's gone neglected for many long years.

    I'll probably read some books. I got plenty of those for Christmas, so I'll probably start going through those.

    They opened a new biking trail over the highway so I'll probably check that out.

    What are all of you guys planning?
  2. SeanBruschi54

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    Good topic. First and foremost i want to get back into the gym and try to reach some new goals. Mess around with some of the heavier stuff. Try and bench 255 for a few reps, things of that nature.

    Reading! I have gotten away from this and have been dying to get back to it.

    Taking a Real Estate class along with financial mortgaging class.

    Start jogging more often to get ready to join the firefighters test.

    Go on vacation somewhere with my girlfriend. Thinking about Myrtle Beach or something to that extent.

    And the rest we'll see as we go.
  3. Oswlek

    Oswlek Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract


    A whole, hell of a lot of masturbating.

    It is tough to get a good fantasy going when you can only think of rather large, sweaty guys in tight clothing.
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  4. Brownfan80

    Brownfan80 In the Starting Line-Up

    When I get my truck payed off in May I'll probably rejoin the gym as well. Lord knows my belly could use a little work.

    I've been bogged down in Palahniuk's Haunted and that is a long, slow read for me. If it'd been a Library book I'd have returned it unfinished. His early stuff was so good, I'm really let down that his most recent stuff is so... bland.

    Good luck on the test when it comes up!

    I'm thinking about a Vacation with my Fiance as well. I neglect her during football season, so I think a nice vacation would be due to her. Probably the Keys or maybe the bahamas if money works out. We'll see.

    Myrtle Beach is a really cool spot. Lots of nice beach, lots of cool places to go out at night. Good choice.

  5. mikiemo83

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    drink, pass out, wake up repeat

    honestly, more things with my kids and wife - be a good parent and husband

    work around the house getting ready for Camping season from Memorial Day to Columbus Day by repairing every thing now so come that time period I can get most stuff done over the week
  6. Handel

    Handel Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Be prepared for the draft
  7. Oswlek

    Oswlek Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Travel while you can because kids are hard to take everywhere.

    Don't forget to fund your Roth IRA though!
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  8. Brownfan80

    Brownfan80 In the Starting Line-Up


    I'm disturbed by this answer.

    Luckily I don't have to turn to Rosey Palmer, my Fiance made a new years resolution to have sex more. So I'm good.
  9. Brownfan80

    Brownfan80 In the Starting Line-Up

    I think I have some planning to do before I have kids. I don't even know what a Roth IRA is. haha.

    Yeah, I've heard that you should get whatever living done that you want to get done before kids, so that's advice I am taking to heart.
  10. Oswlek

    Oswlek Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    So you are assuming that she meant with you?
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  11. Brownfan80

    Brownfan80 In the Starting Line-Up

    Yes, and if I'm getting it as much as I have been then I can only assume it's just me, cuz man I'm tired.
  12. SeanBruschi54

    SeanBruschi54 In the Starting Line-Up

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    I just got a book called Death by Black Hole awesome read so far into but i keep putting it off.

    Thanks for the comments though.
  13. satz

    satz 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Just got my front forks of my motorcycle and rebuild the susepsion as last time up on loudon track day the thing was all over the plaec when pushed hard.Also started to rebuild a cheap dirt bike i picked up.

    Planning for my 12 day ride this year to a new part of the country i want to visit.Wife is pregnant and this might be the last long distance motorcyle ride for a few years a yearly trip tradition for the last 10 yrs... i would love to sqeeze the open skys of northwest and yellow stone if i can.

    Other than that motogp is starting a month and i have a wish to see a motogp race in person and trying to squeeze that in.....other than that getting ready for my first kid.:singing: getting to gym and ofcourse my sisters wedding , so i am travelling to outside the country for a few weeks.......but mostly cannot wait for the kid.

    looks like it will be training camp before all is said and done...
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  14. ironwasp

    ironwasp Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I'll do a whole lot of reading, as well as some writing about that.

    But mostly I'll just transfer my obsession onto other sports. The rugby season is just entering its most interesting phase. I'll be stepping up my golf as the sun shines a little more and then cricket arrives in May and that's one day gone per weekend.
  15. Crowpointer

    Crowpointer Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I am lucky I have an understanding wife who let's me follow my obsession. I went to every single home game and 3 away (GB, MIA, SD) including a stretch of 7 games in a row. Not many wives would put up with that. (although I did take her on the Miami trip, and I took my 5 year old son to his first game (Lions) ) I need to make up for lost time with her and the kids double time until next fall. That means coaching, all homework duties, watching the kids without complaint if she has something she needs to do ect. I love spending time with my kids so it is not a "chore" but I need to make up for any lost time from the fall. Probably will trim back a few games next fall (yeah it 's easy for me to say that now)
  16. Brownfan80

    Brownfan80 In the Starting Line-Up

    It's really nice to see so many guys saying that spending time with their family is important. Very cool.
  17. NEPatriot

    NEPatriot Banned

    Living in San Diego, I'll spend a lot more time scuba diving. That and preparing for th draft. Can't they hurry up with the draft publications?
  18. Sean Pa Patriot

    Sean Pa Patriot Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

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    Things I wont be doing

    1 Watching Nascar

    2 Listening to WEEI until Aug, when the Red Sox talk is down only to 90 percent while Pats talk is 10 percent

    3 Follow the NBA or NHL

    4 Watch that damn AFC Title game:bricks:

    What I will be doing

    Continue working out

    Following the Pats off season

    Counting the days till Feb is over

    Waiting for St Pats Day to arrive.

    Watch March Madness

    Vaction in the summer to Myrtle Beach or Virginia Beach, the 2 best beaches on the east coast...
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  19. BelichickFan

    BelichickFan B.O. = Fugazi PatsFans.com Supporter

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    There's no offseason, damnit :)

    Not a lot of different stuff for me. Married with two kids kind of limits my options.

    - Heavy draft preparation.
    - Fantasy baseball starting up, two leagues there.
    - Hoping to upgrade from my 1989 27" TV to a HDTV by 2007 NFL season.

    That's about it I think.
  20. BelichickFan

    BelichickFan B.O. = Fugazi PatsFans.com Supporter

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    That's my life fulltime :) I work from 6am to 3pm, my wife works later, so I get all the time with the kids . . . her loss ;) Homework, dinner, playtime, it's all mine. I have to decide by next week whether I want to coach my kids' soccer team or just watch from the sidelines like I usually do. Not sure what I'll do there.

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