What are the media really mad about?

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    Jeremy Green was on ESPN Gamenight and he said that many teams use cameras to try to steal plays, but mostly from the stands or booth and the fact the Pats did it from the sidelines is what was so offensive. Huh?

    He was quickly rebuffed by the hosts asking what the difference is. In fact they said that you can probably get a better view with a telephoto lens from the opposing stands or press box than you can from the sidelines.

    Green's comments have seem to be the sentiment of many of the media people speaking today. I think the media are more upset that the Patriots were "arrogant" enough to do it in plain sight than actually the actual act iof cheating. Green wasn't only one who basically said that they know of plenty of teams that steal calls, but not as aggressively as the Patriots. So apparently, you get points for being more deceptive in the media's eyes.
  2. sieglo

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    If we're lucky the news cycle will be done after Sunday's games.

    BTW, this is perfect timing for the NFL because there's nothing they want more than a distraction from the Everett thing and all the other injuries around the league.
  3. I agree.. This will all be swept away in a couple days.. :rocker:
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    This is a media driven story - and it will not go away until the media decides its done - or until the Patriots become doormats again.

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