we beat ourselves.. no ifs ands or buts..

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  1. Sean Pa Patriot

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    thanks for a great season pats, If was going to end, I was hoping it was next week in the afc title game, but if we lost we beat ourselves, that is what is the most frustrating thing about tonite...
  2. fgssand

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    You are 100% right. Five turnovers was so unexpected and so disappointing. I feel terrible becasue we did beat ourselves.

    Oh well - when is draft day>

    Thanks for all the enjoyment Patriots.
  3. emoney_33

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    how sad is it, most of the year the defense is losing games for us and the offense is carrying us.

    In this win or go home game the defense played tremendous but the offense just gave the game away with turnovers, well the offense and special teams.
  4. Patters

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    We beat ourselves and had terrible luck. Why did we have lose the fumbles? Couldn't we have recovered even one? Why did Champ Bailey have to return the interception for just about a TD? Couldn't we have stopped him on the way? Why did Asante have to be called for interference, when clearly it could have gone the other way?

    Oh well, we've had our share of breaks, but today the fb gods made us pay the piper. At least we have a clean slate now, so next year the fb gods can start helping us out again!
  5. bruno87

    bruno87 Rookie

    That faulk turnover was the killer, I thought that started a downward spiral. Also, it seems like the constant beating that Brady took this year finally got to him. Hey on the brightside, maybe some of these bandwagon fans will leave!!!!
  6. STFarmy

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    Clearly SHOULD have gone the other way. I'm not blaming the loss on that call, but it is one of the worst calls I've ever seen. EVER.
  7. PamperoFirpo

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    My 2 cents: Congratulations to Denver and their fans. Yours is the better team. Having said that, I also think the Pats had too much to overcome this year. Yeah, Brady had a bad game but I also think too much of the weight of the season rested on his shoulders... particularly with losing starting O-linemen and the lack of a running game as well as having to make up for defensive problems earlier in the year. This team has played a helluva lot of football the past few years and had a ridiculous schedule early on this year. No doubt in my mind they will get back to form next year.

  8. AndyJohnson

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    The Bailey Int in the end zone was the game.

    I am OK with Brady making the play that cost us the game after making so many that ended up as SB wins.

    The Brown fumble just cemented it.

    Who out there will say having those 2 guys on the field in the playoffs has worked out badly for us??????????
  9. RayClay

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    Key missed opportunities. Failed to use Dillon in short yardage although he seemed to be able to run when we used him too late.

    This caused up the gut runs by Faulk, which led to a questionable 4th down attempt.

    Instead of a QB sneak, run or even play action we go empty backfield.

    We lose field position battle, any threat of the run and the ball when our pass catching back runs up the middle once again.

    3-2-DEN37 (6:11) K.Faulk right tackle to DEN 36 for 1 yard (A.Wilson).
    4-1-DEN36 (5:30) (Shotgun) T.Brady pass incomplete to C.Fauria.

    The turning point in the game, IMO.

    Let's give up on power football and run our scatback up the gut then go empty backfield and hand the ball over in great field position for Denver.
  10. Patters

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    Those guys were overdue for a bad playoff game. I'm fine with it, provided Brady gives us ten more playoff wins in a row starting next year!
  11. edzo44

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    Absolutely correct! We did OURSELVES in against a very good team that could've been beat tonight and it will definitely stick in the guy's craw the entire off-season. They are pissed at themselves and they should be. Even though they had a marvelous comeback year after all the trials and tribulations they experienced initially, this team will only remember that they lost the playoff game and that they beat themselves by handing golden opportunities to an opportunistic team.

    This should be a great motivator for next year, for both the players and the coaches. Nobody has to tell them they blew it themselves - - - they know it! And now they'll have something to focus themselves on again, this game is not the way this team wants to be remembered, they know they are better then that, they made too many fundamental mistakes (but they also know they can be corrected with proper attention to them)! :cool:
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