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  1. Patriot 37

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    When we signed two established FBs it seemed like we were going to use them more in McDaniels' offense. Maybe I'm reading into a 4th preseason game to much but we ran a ton of plays with a FB even though Larsen and Fiametta are gone.

    I can't imagine we keep Kettani he is an OK runner and pass catcher but his lead blocking is awful. AH is fine in their from time to time but no one want's him slamming into the line on a consistant basis. Boldin as a Tony Collins style FB ? unlikely, but maybe ? he can't block worse than Kettani.

    I think the Pats will being looking hard at FBs that are cut and possibly trade a late round pick for one. They have built an offense for an entire month around having a FB it would seem odd to all of sudden to not use one.
  2. Bobs My Uncle

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    How many teams even use a FB these days? I can't imagine the Pats will be hard pressed to find a suitable FB next week if they need one.
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    It is generally said only half the teams employ FBs. My opinion is lets cut Kettani and not sign a FB for week 1. then if we get a better on the open market for week 2 great if not he or larsen will likely be there. This might allow us to better protect one PS player by having him on the roster week 1 before moving him or just allow us to pick the best 53 and fill the FB in for the first injured player.
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  5. Maybe we can talk Sam Gash into another try.
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    Maybe I will take my Nephew in a few years when he is old enough but as geeky as I am I just cant pull the trigger on it now.
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