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Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by patriotsox, Jan 22, 2007.

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    I am just loggin in quickly before work, to say that The Patriots did a marvelous job this season. Of course it's sad to say they can't go all the way, but its not hard to say they did better than any team in the playoffs or this season except for the outstanding first years in for Mangini and S.Peyton.
    The decks were stacked against the Patriots Secondary and they came up big, the Offensive Line was dealt some real troublesome lines and middles in the playoffs, and again came up big.
    If there was anything I was abit brought down on this post-season, it was the idea that we just need to "improve" our wide-out position, but in that department they came up big also. I hate to see Brady take so much criticism for a whole team, when it is TEAM that the Patriots should pride themselves on, and they do. But when your the face, you gotta take too much responsibility somewhere.
    Did Manning win this game? No. Did the Colts D-Fense come up big? In some places, and in others no. If anything that needs to be patted on the back for the Colts, its this... They have taken a little piece from the Patriots and the teams like them Generations before, You win like a team.
    I wonder how many people were as let down as I was when they came out the second half and started running the ball more? I know I was, but you have to hand it to Manning... he for once didn't mention to everyone that he was going to keep going long every down because he has something to prove to the world. Of course hes got the Pat-Monkey off his back "Because the Sports Writers Wrote It!", but deep down inside Manning is pulling his pants back up with a major look of confusion because his team was standing an inch away save that Hall-of-Fame arse from being kicked by the Patriots.
    I felt sorry for the guy, he really looked like a kid standing out there the next couple of drives down the field after Samuel made him understand that he was his daddy. I bet Manning started listening to that O-Fense Cordinator after that one, at least a little more listening, and little less sign language(after all he is playing at home)
    But all in all the Patriots showed me so much about that idea "more with less" and of course you can't win them all, and these are the years were we are questioned, but all and all can't you just see the "Real Deal" sweating from these guys. All I can say is draft, I've been excitied all year about that double first round!
    Not this year, but damn don't we still just have the whole NFL world wondering every year... Where did these guys come from? I think it's because they never say... Where did this TEAM come from!

    Thanks for the remarkable year PATRIOTS fans! And a marvelous job from every NE Player that gave it their all!

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