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Use Of Roster Positions

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by mgteich, Sep 23, 2010.

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    We speculated all summer on how many of these players would make the 53. Most of us thought two or three was the right answer. The Belichick answer ended up being two: Slater and White. Apparently, Arrington will be used some at CB.

    To me, this year we are carrying a larger number than usual. I see six developmental players: Woodhead, Maneri, Price, Love, Deaderick and Fletcher. As was the case with Pryor last year, one or more of these may get significant playing time, or not.

    My perception is that in the past, Belichick relied on seasoned veterans as his emergency backups; older players he knew could step in as needed.

    The team's starters are getting much younger, especially on defense. That certainly can be a great step forward. We will continue that process with our new set of 2011 running backs.

    But, WHY has Belichick decided not to bring in vested veterans as backups as he had in the past? In the past, I would ahve expected all but one or two of the developmental players to be on the Practice Squad. Of course, as a highly drafted rookie, Price would need to be on the 53. But I ahd expected the rest to be on the Practice Squad, allowing for the possibility that Belichick might judge to keep a second developmental player like Deaderick on the 53 if Lewis didn't work out.

    THE BOTTOM LINE is that we might have 1-5 veterans on the inactive 53, ready to start as needed in addition to having 1-5 players on the Practice Squad available to be activated. Surely, all these players are not so great that they wouldn't make the Practice Squad.

    One STRENGTH that everyone used to recognize about Belichick was his ability to attract and secure over-the-hill veterans at vet minimums to play important backup roles and to provide leadership.
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