Tonight's game will show which quarterback has matured quicker on their team

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    I think the telling tale of tonight's game will be determined by the play of the quarterbacks and which one has adjusted quicker to the style of their respective team faster.

    Favre has tons more experience as a starter but is really still new in the Jets schemes after only 9 games and the same for Cassel who,like Favre has only played as starter in this scheme 9 games.

    I think both guys have adjusted quickly and very well and are on similar paths regarding in how they resperesent their teams at the top and most important position

    One quarterback will seperate themselves from the other tonight and one will be seen as more comfortable with directing his team than the other is

    Lets hope that man who is more comfortable is Mr. Cassel
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    How can you possibly root against The Hero(TM) who is fighting against an evil nemisis?

    Lord Favre shalt haft slewn the Belibeast by dawn!
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    While you have a good point its hard to compare the two...keep these facts in mind...I know you touched on the subject but

    Brett Favre has started almost 300 games in his career
    Cassel has only started half of this season
    Cassel Has been on his team for a few years now / Favre in his first year
    Favre is almost 30, Cassel is 25/26 (i really don't know)

    I just think that their situations are very different...While they have both only started for their respective teams for just this seasons...Cassel has been brought in as a backup to a system he already has been training in. Favre is a proven veteran.

    They both have to prove something, but Favre wants to prove he still has something left in the tank, While Cassel wants to prove me can be a starting QB...
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    With the word 'mature' in the title of a thread about Lord Favre, please avoid any walker, cane, wheelchair, or geritol jokes.... for the sake of karma. Thank you.

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