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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Jan 18, 2006.

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    Thanks Tom for a gutsy game. I am such a dolt, I did not even realize Kazur was out! I watched the first half of the game in a bar and my stomach was so upset (because of nerves) I went back to my hotel room to watch the rest of the disaster in quiet.
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    I didn't see the video but posters here were saying Ashworth did nothing on the play, he just stood there and the guy went right past him, where Brady was pressured and threw the interception to Champ Bailey.

    He took one for the team but that play really changed the game.
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    When a team blitzes as much as the Bronco's do, there will be a time when a LB or CB gets through untouched and this was the one. I saw the video and Ash stays to the outside where the DE went, Watson chips the DE, and the DE backs off pressure. The interior DL all goes to the right side of our OL and takes Mankins to the right which created the lane for the LB or CB to blitz. Brady rolls right and rushes his throw, but wasn't hit until after the ball was gone. If Givens catches the ball on the play before, he might score and make this whole discussion mute. But it is a team game and takes all 11 players working together, you win as a team and lose as a team.

    You may want to judge a player on a single play, but unfortunately we had many Pats that had bad plays. They do pay the other team also. Looking at free agents, there are 4 tackles that started more games than Ashworth this year: J Backus - DET, J Runyon - PHI, K Shaffer - ATL, LJ Shelton - CLE.

    Backus will be too expensive, Runyon is old in the tooth, Shelton will probably want more money, I have no idea about Shaffer.

    I like knowing who and what we have with Ashworth but unfortunately, he will probably get a better offer elsewhere. If Kazcur and Light stay healthy all next year it might not matter, but we have used 3/4 tackles every year for the 5 that I know of.
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    If Light comes back healthy, there's no need to sign a FA OT. Kaczur is already better than Ashworth and has more upside. Mankins can probably handle OT as well. And Gorin is the perfect backup - cheap and reasonably effective.
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    Ashworth, we love you but you = J.A.G.
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    I guess I'm dense, but

    what does J.A.G. mean?
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    It's a phrase Parcells used all the time: "Just Another Guy". Refers to players who, while they may be solid citizens, are easily replaceable.
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    Now I'm embarassed that I didn't know, since I'm in Dallas and hear his press conferences all the time. LOL

    While I disagree with your assessment, I think Ashworth is a known commodity and fits well with Bellichek's system. It's funny that Parcell's now has a OL full of J.A.G.'s. (Not funny from a Cowboy's fan perspective.)
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    Not from what I saw on tape this season. It will be interesting to see what the Free Agent market makes of his value.

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