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    We know that GM Belichick likes to lean on his confidantes for info on draft prospects. College coaches such as; Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Pat Hill and Kirk Ferentz. Bill O'Brien can be added to that list. Mauti is 6'2" 235lb 5th year senior at Penn State. He's having a fabulous season on the field. And, has become the de-facto spokesman for PSU's players. He's played with a chip on his shoulder and done everything possible to keep the squad together. He's already made quite a few big hits on the punt team too. Special teams is a must for a backup lb on the Pats. As the Pats morph into more of a 4-3. Or 4-2-5 team. Do lighter, quicker lb's come into play. We have 3 of them as backups. White and Koutouvides. Dane Fletcher fits that profile too. Interestingly, our 3 starters are big thumpers. Mayo, Spikes and Hightower. CBS has Mauti at 77 in their rankings. I don't feel he will get drafted that high because he has had two acl surgeries. I'm thinking late 4 or 5. We might get a couple of comp picks for losing Law Firm and Mark Anderson. He might be a target there.

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    Another lb who came into the season more highly ranked is Gerald Hodges. He's listed at 6'2" 238lb. CBS has him at 105. No health concerns. Because of that, I am pretty sure he will get drafted before Mauti. Was recruited as a safety. But, he outgrew the position. PSU has zero talent and depth in the defensive secondary. Except for Adrian Amos. Aren't even using a db as a nickel back. Hodges has been forced to play the nickel back and it has taken him away from the LOS and not allowing him to make the plays and use his athletic ability as he did last year.

    Any comments about Sandusky can be placed in the BOB'S debut at PSU thread. I'll even put a link in here for you.
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    I think it was Dane Brugler (not entirely sure) who said that Mauti was a top 35 talent if not for his injury.

    Edit: Here's the full twitter conversation:
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    We'll get a good look at both lb's ability to play in space on Saturday. PSU hosts Northwestern.
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    PSU defense played outstanding against Northwester today. Held them to 247 yards of total offense. I thought Mauti struggled a little in space. Came up big late. But, not his best game. Gerald Hodges showed what he can do. Attacked the read option in the backfield and dropped into coverage. Great game. If we can get this kid in the 3rd round. We could use someone with his skills.
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    Just to be clear, are you referring to Mauti or Hodges?
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    Doubt he'll take any of them in 3 since LB beside OLB/DE ain't a need - Later in the draft sure, but considering a backup / special team's LB with ACL's ( Mauti )

    3 round might be to high considering BB might target a Safety, Swing OL or DL there depend on rounds and picks.

    Plus there are WR Tavon Austin and even TE Jordan Reed i'm guessing BB want and i doubt Reed fall's to 4. Might be the only TE there can "replace" Aaron and haveing deapt there wouldn't hurt, considering the TE power offense they runs.
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    Wanna know why defensive players hate chop/cut blocks? This is why. Clear chop block. Engaged with the ol and chicken ***** rb comes in and ends his career. I didn't think Mauti was a great option for us because of his previous injuries. But, it was sickening to watch. The other kid I mentioned Gerald Hodges stepped up and had a monster game. You can go frame by frame on the pic. FRAME GALLERY: Chop Block on Mauti

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