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    The NFL is unique in that it has its draft after the begining of the free agency period. The NBA and NHL have the draft upon completion of their post season and then begin the free agency period.

    What is your opinion? Do you like the NFL way of doing things with free agency followed by having a draft to fill needs? Or, would you rather see the NBA/NHL model of having the draft first?

    It may be apples and oranges but it is something to talk about in the offseason.
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    I suppose it kinda helps protect against busting on a position you really need to fill... suppose you spend all your money drafting Matt Leinart and then he busts on you, but because you have little money left you couldn't even sign a John Kitna following the draft... Madden does it in backwards order and it really screws me pretty often because I sign my picks and then have no cap space left...

    the NFL could do it in the other order if rookies weren't paid so damn much

    I might be wrong about all of this as I usually pay little/no attention to the offseason
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