The most awful regular season losses in Patriots history

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Lifer, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. Lifer

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    for me it was December 2007. The Patriots had worked their way back from 6-5 and were at 9-5 when the Steelers came to town. A win and the Patriots would clinch the #2 seed for the 2nd straight year, not a bad accomplishment for Pete Carroll in his 1st year replacing the immortal Bill Parcells.

    The Patriots had it won. They led 21-13, less than 2 minutes remaining and with the ball at midfield. How nice 10-5 would be, the magic of 1996 was back.

    Then...for reasons known only to God himself, Drew Bledsoe decides to throw it to a linebacker.......

    the rest is history. we lose in OT. finish at #3. lose 7-6 at Pittsburgh when Hall of Famer gets the ball stripped by Vrabel.

    That was my worst regular season loss as a Patriots fan because it was such a waste, and so stupid.

    Any more nominations?
  2. Sivy

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    is this a mistake?
  3. Lifer

    Lifer Banned

    1997. Pardons
  4. Run DMC

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    ever hear of Superbowl 42? :(
  5. upstater1

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    Boy, this thread has not gotten off to a good start.
  6. Horace's Ivories

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    I remember that game well. I was at a party and was constantly excusing myself to get updates. Suffice it to say I left in a foul mood...
  7. Tunescribe

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    Poor choice for a thread topic. Can't we be a tad more positive with a new season at hand? Why dredge up negative stuff to ponder?
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  8. reflexblue

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    We were playing the steelers for playoff birth I think and on a reverse? a Pats LB can't remember his name didn't push the reciever all the way out of bounds he let up. The reciever ran it for a TD i think. It would have been around 1999 or 2000.

    Were leading Denver with a few minutes to go. Mosi Tatupu fumbles at the goal line and Denver takes it down for the winning score.
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  9. patsfan55

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    turning point game for me in the way i approach being a sports fan
    i used to not care about being a lil c0cky
    so i was starting to talk about getting the bye, and what-not, when my friend turns to me and my dad and says "dont get too c0cky"
    literally five seconds after this bledsoe throws that pick
    ever since then i don't say crap until the final whistle

    anyone remember david megget's catch in this game, when it was intended for a diff receiver and he just stole it out of mid-air (kinda ot, but that was an absolute highlight real catch from this game)
  10. patsfan55

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    i think you're thinking of the playoff game in 97 when we had to visit pitt, because of the aforementioned loss in the first post of this thread
    the "wr" was qb kordell stewart, and the linebacker was todd collins
  11. PATRIOT64

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    O.K. Who's up for starting a thread of ...

    What is the most serious injury you could remember that happened to end a Patriots player's career?
  12. reflexblue

    reflexblue Supporter Supporter

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    Yeah your right I have Old Timers Desease my memeory is going. The last 10 minutes or so I was looking for the LB's name and it was collins.
  13. Tucker

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    dont remember the year, but we opened the season against buffalo and got slaughtered....then went on to win the SB (i think, my memory is terrible) :D
  14. PATRIOT64

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    September 2003 - The week following the departure of Milloy

    We lost to Buffalo 31-0 then on the final week of the regular season the Pats turned the tables to a very weird turnabout 31-0 beating of the Bills - Makes you wonder if they just wanted to name the score to let the Bills know they remembered week 1

    A few days after the 31-0 beating by the Bills, Tom Jackson goes on the air at ESPN and announces that the Players all hate BB - Sort of something Tomase would do if he were on ESPN
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  15. jmt57

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    Last game of the 1966 season.

    Patriots had a good team, led by Jim Nance, Babe Parilli and Gino Capelletti. All they had to do was beat a not very good Jets team to win the AFL East. What made this so exciting was that the winner of the AFL Championship - there were no playoffs then, just the winner from the East versus the winner from the West - that AFL champion would then go on to meet the NFL champion in what would later be called the first Super Bowl.

    Well, that not so good Jets team had a rookie named Joe Namath who threw a few touchdowns, and while the Jets ran all over the Pats, the Pats could get nothing done on the ground. The Pats kept turning the ball over but couldn't force any Jets turnovers, the Jets won, and Buffalo, whom the Pats had just beaten a week or two earlier to take over first place, won the AFL East by a half a game (ties were not unusual back then as there was no overtime.)

    Granted, the Pats probably would not have beaten the Chiefs - a much better team that year - but losing out on that opportunity to play in the AFL Championship, and possibly go to the first ever AFL - NFL Championship was a huge letdown.

    Actually it wasn't just a letdown for me as a young kid. The Pats were awful the next year and went in to a prolonged period of suckiness after that game. It would be ten years before their next winning season.
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  16. PatsFan24

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    one that comes to mind is a SNF game vs the Jets in 2002 that the pats lost. they were comming off a bad game on MNF and had two home games vs the jets and dolphins knowing that if they won both of em they would be back in the playoffs, and they did not play well agaisnt the jets that night and lost. another one is the 03 opener in buffalo. another bad one was SNF against the colts in 06, they lost by 7 points and had 4 TOs a game that eventually led to them having to go to indy for the AFCCC
  17. Patjew

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    What is the point of this thread? It is awful.
  18. bradmahn

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    "The most awful regular season losses in Patriots history"...

    What, did you miss Sunday night's game or the ensuing hysteria on this board? The most awful regular season losses in Patriots history are yet to happen. In 2008, they'll lose 'em all. All sixteen. Every. Single. One. Maybe, if we're lucky, one of them won't be a shut out.

    We suck.

  19. jmt57

    jmt57 Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    There's also that MNF game in the pouring rain against the Colts, when they ran back a kickoff to win the game - I think it was 1977 or 78. There were a ton of arrests, and there had been problems the year before ( I think a Jets game?) with a MNF game too. The town of Foxborough decided to ban MNF games and that stayed in effect for 10 or 15 years.
  20. D-cleater

    D-cleater Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    there was this one in 2007 where the Pats ..... oh, nevermind :D

    I'd have to go with the ones in recent memory.... mostly from 2005 before Bruschi returned and teams were running for 200+ yds against us. In fact, any game where we lost and gave up over 150 yds rushing... nothing bothers me more.
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