The league's Sal Cap FLOOR.

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    JoeSixPack has been mentioning that, while the league has a salary CAP, it doesn't have a salary floor. And this got me to thinking that it really does have a floor. That floor would be the following:

    53 players x the league minimum for rookies = $ 12,455,000

    That is the absolute minimum an organization must spend to put 53 man team on the field.

    Now, I know that this isn't really what Joe was referring to, but I am pretty sure that the league, as well as the player's union, would be all over the ownership of a team that tried to do this.

    I think that there is an unwritten understanding that teams use at least 80% of their cap. Can I prove this? Nope.

    However, I do agree with Joe that the league CBA needs to state a minimum % of the cap that each team needs to use every year.
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    The NFL does have a minimum salary level for teams. It was about $70.49 million last season.
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