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    Lets see how our players rank in NFL

    *Passing yards: Brady is 3rd behind Manning and Palmer
    *Hes got the best passer rating at 134.2
    *best percentage at 79.7% (both categories are followed by Pennington who only played 1 game though)
    *hes 4th in yards per pass average at 9.8
    *tied 2nd in TDs with 6
    *Sacked only twice, thats 6th in NFL
    *13th in passes over 20 yards
    *9th in passes 40 + yards
    *1 INT has him in 7th

    Running Game
    *Maroney is 15th while Morris is 24rd in yards
    *Maroney is tied 5th for first down runs with 10
    *we have 0 runs over 20 yards
    *0 fumbles

    * Moss is tied first in receptions with 17 (aswell as C. Johnson and J. Walker
    * Moss is 2nd in yards behind Chad Johnson(hes averaging 16.9 ypc)
    * Moss's 3 TDs make him tied at 3rd
    * Tied for second with Wayne behind Chad in 20 + yards(5 catches over 20)
    * Moss is tied 5th in 40+ yards with 1
    * Moss is 2nd in 1st downs with 13 catches for firsts, again, behind ocho
    * Welker is tied 9th in receptions with 14
    * Welker is 19th in yards
    * Waton's 2 TDs tie him 8th

    Return Game
    Hobbs is 3rd in NFL in ypr(2 guys above him only had 1 and 2 returns while Hobbs has 6) 37 ypr AVG

    *Hanson is tied 33rd in punts, hes only punted twice, awesome
    *43.5 punting avg, thats 19th
    *29th in net average
    *we've allowed 0 yards on returns
    (dont be angry with the #s, hes had 2 punts)

    *Vrabel leads in sacks with 3.5, Green+Colvin are tied 5th with 2 sacks a piece

    *Wilson leads the team with 13 tackles, 11 were solo. Vrabel has 12 tackles and Seau has 10 total

    team stats
    *were 2nd in total offense behind Broncos. 419 ypg
    *best in total defense allowing only 214 ypg
    *5th in passing defense behind Broncos, Jaguars, Steelers, Rams.
    * 4th in passing offense behind Lions, Colts, Bengals allowign 158 ypg passing
    * 2nd in rush defense behind TEXANS allowing 56 ypg rushing. NICE
    * 8th in rushing behind Titans, Steelers, Redskins, Broncos, Cowboys, Cardinals, Raiders

    *tied fisrt with Cowboys in touchdowns with 10(offensive)

    *NOTE. This is before MNF
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