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    All defense, no offense. Campbell is the same kind of mediocre QB who doesn't make bad decisions but doesn't bring anything special to the table. Both have very good passing Defenses and good run defenses. Who would you rather face if you were the Pats? Personally I don't think it would matter. The Steel Curtain could shut down half of our drives, but half of our drives are still better all of their "drives." This is the reason why cliches and generalizations like "defense wins championships" are meaningless when your forte can take over a game. It's also the essence of the Belichick philosophy; don't attack their weaknesses, attack their strengths, make sure your strengths outweigh theirs. Recent years were about high scoring offenses, so he showed that a good offense and a great defense (balance) could beat the curve. I've been reading a lot about Belichick's background in economics lately and what I've come to realize is that Belichick, in all his Machiavellian glory, knows that success in football, as it is in investing or any other game, is about beating the trends and staying ahead of the curve. Those "role reversal" threads about the Pats and Colts now v. 2004 might very well be true except for one important thing: The Colts now are where the Pats were in 2004 while the Pats of today are far beyond what they were in 2004. The Colts beat the Pats last year because their advantage on offense was greater than ours on defense or offense. The result? Belichick created an offense that will render the Colts greatest asset a moot point. Ask Karl Rove or any Chess player, politician or game theory expert how to defeat an opponent and they will tell you to do what your opponent does best better than them. It sounds simple though counterintuitive at the same time, but it will be the revolution in sports that is the Patriots organization, hidden behind all of the "well balanced keys to success" media punditry that keeps Belichick's most well kept secret. It's not about X's and O's or motivation or any of the simple crap the media comes up with, it's about recognizing the totality of the game and how to play it better than your opponent. Every Dynasty leaves a mark on the game by changing how it is played. The Steelers had their shutdown defense while the 49ers had their West Coast offense. This dimension is Belichicks'. Oh, and our defense happens to be very good also.
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