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Discussion in 'Visiting Locker Room' started by Jagwyer, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. Jagwyer

    Jagwyer Closed Acccount

    First off I don't want to start a flame thread.

    But you guys posted about respect and not to disrespect the Pats. Which I don't understand but thats ok. When Rodney Harrison made the interception he ran up and bumped into Garrard and said something and Merriweather had to pull him off.

    Does that bother you too? I really don't care, it doesn't bother me. But you guys talk about respect and the Jags tried there best, which wasn't good enough, but isn't that disrespect? There wasn't alot of trash talking going on to feed on.

    Just wondering how you guys feel about that from one of your favorite teams players doing it?
  2. patsfaninpa

    patsfaninpa In the Starting Line-Up

    He might have been complimenting him. Ever think of that? Rodney had nothing but kinds words for Garrard headed into the game. And, I'm sure he thinks even more of him after it now.
  3. Ballhawk21

    Ballhawk21 Rookie

    ahhahahahah. Thats funny stuff. :rocker:
  4. Lampshade

    Lampshade Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Are you sure you're not getting two plays mixed up? I recall Meriweather pulling Rodney away after the ridiculous personal foul penalty on the sideline, but not after the INT.

    I saw a Jaguar (Garrard I think) bump into Harrison as he came back on the field after the INT, but I thought it was much ado about nothing.

    Maybe I missed it.
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  5. SVN

    SVN Hall of Fame Poster

    i didnt see the game but i remember rodney joking around with romo in the dallas game when his last pass was picked off. it couldve been more of the same but i may be wrong.
  6. patriotspride

    patriotspride Banned

    i love rodney .you would to if he was a jag .
  7. TommyD4207

    TommyD4207 On the Game Day Roster

    He was probably telling him "This is what happens when you disrespect us".
  8. ClevTrev

    ClevTrev Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I have from reliable sources learned what Rodney said to Garrard. He said, "Ha, I'd like to meet your tailor."
  9. TommyD4207

    TommyD4207 On the Game Day Roster

    Rodney in a Pimp Suit might quite possibly be the funniest thing ever. If not, Top 5 at least.
  10. Aqua4Ever04

    Aqua4Ever04 Banned

    Rodney Harrison is the biggest cheap shotting, smack talking piece of crap there is in this league. No matter what these Pats fans tell you, they know the truth as well. They can pretend to fool themselves, but in the end they know #37 will be coming in for the late hit 9 times out of 10.
  11. scott c

    scott c On the Game Day Roster

  12. Aqua4Ever04

    Aqua4Ever04 Banned

    It's undeniable and you know it.

    That penalty that he was flagged for tonight wasn't exactly a first time thing. He's been doing crap like that for his whole career. Seriously, how can you root for a guy like that?
  13. WelcometotheRazor

    WelcometotheRazor Practice Squad Player

    Shut your mouth, beat it.....if you're a Jags fan, you have no reason to be here anymore
  14. Clint

    Clint Rookie

    RH: "Thank you for throwing that ball to me, David."

    DG: "You are quite welcome, Rodney. I've seen so many other QBs do so against the Pats that it just didn't feel right for me to ignore that tradition."

    RH: "Good day to you, my friend."

    DH: "And good day you as well!"
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  15. patriotspride

    patriotspride Banned

    i know hes a excellent player and im glad hes a patriot :rocker: .you on the other hand take it up the ass on a regular basis .
  16. brady199

    brady199 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    first play of the pitt. game didn't your guy horse collar Big Ben?

    Dirty, Dirty, Dirty.

    and what about the guy who speared Brady, last time they played, this is a mans game, there is no crying in football.
  17. BAn this idiot. I know that any PAts fan saying this on another fan's board would be banned. This troll is a Colts fan for sure. Idiot.:trolls:
  18. patriotspride

    patriotspride Banned

    no its aqua/TWguru hes been banned three times already .he has severe mental issues
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  19. Double G

    Double G In the Starting Line-Up

    Yeah, you newer guys need to know Reincarnation is actually TW Guru/Aqua4ever; if you want to piss your pants and laugh your balls off, take a look back in this section of the site regarding some of the stuff he has posted, it's beyond priceless.

    He's a bitter, angry douchebag DOOFINS fan (that's right boys and girls, he's a DIE HARD fan of THE WORST TEAM IN THE NFL, the 1-15 Doofins) and with each and every Patriots win, he gets more bitter and angry, so be prepared to read more of this crap (until he gets banned once again, hopefully three times is the charm)..............
  20. BB_dynasty

    BB_dynasty On the Game Day Roster

    @OP: No, it doesn't make me happy to see Rodney getting late hits. But I think Rodney is a good guy, just because he is the hardest hitter on the field doesn't make him a bad person off of it. He is still a leader on this team and an important player. He may not be as good as when he was in his prime, but like Bruschi, just being on the field makes the other players better.
    I like Garrard, and think he is a great QB. He may not be the guy getting 25+ touchdowns, but he manages a game well. I don't think Rodney has anything against him.
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