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Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Arizona Patsfan, Dec 26, 2005.

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    Just sitting here and contemplating improvements the Pats might make for next season.

    Flutie will be 44 and probably gone Over the Hill. Cassell will still be too green. What would you do?

    I suspect that the Pats might sign an ex-starter who is contemplating retirement. At this point they have a Super Bowl contender and need an experienced backup is Brady were to go down, next season. How would Brett Favre, Steve McNair, Kerry Collins or Jay Fiedler look in a Patriots warm up jacket? Hopefully that would be the only way you see them. And if you wanted any one of them how would you go about getting one of them, if they are still under contract?

    I'd probably approach a team which has the guy we want and offer a small draft choice, "for future considerations". Then I'd ask them to release him and absorb the signing bonus consequences that they were going to do ANYWAY.

    But tell him they did it because the Patriots wanted him, and he has a chance at going out with a Ring, so they are doing it for his benefit (and for the the minor draft choice which is better than nothing.) And let the Patriots talk to him before they released him to get things started without a tampering invocation.

    Any comments?
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    Not sure I agree with the overall premise, just not sure. But as far as your choices, I'd say Hell No to Kerry Collins, Fiedler ain't goin' nowhere, Favre won't take a back-up gig, and McNair, I don't know enough about him to say either way.
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    If Pennington isn't ready next year, McNair would be perfect for the jesters for a year as his OC for years from Tenessee is there now.

    For the Patriots, who knows. If Flutie can be the backup at 43, he may be able to be at 44 too. If not I would assume a lower cost guy than you're suggesting would be brought in. Collins, etc, could probably get a decent contract to compete to play. Brady is so tough that his backup is unlikely to need to play but needs to be competent just in case. Like Jim Miller and Flutie, a guy who can play just well enough but has no hope of being a full time starter for any team.
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    The Pats will probably bring in a QB that will be similar to the QBs they will be facing next year. I wouldn't be surprised to see them attempt to bring back Damon Huard.
  5. MoLewisrocks

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    Cassel should be ready to step up to the two role, and I see no reason why Flutie would not be a good bet to continue as the three. BB may also want to try his hand at late round QB snagging - especially if Cassel is working out to his satisfaction. Because that might indicate a trade for him in the next season or two. Otherwise, BB will find a competent veteran journeyman willing to work for veteran minimum. He's not going to waste millions in cap space on a backup to Brady.

    As for your clandestine scenario? :rofl:

    Favre will either continue to hold the citizens of Green Bay and their football team hostage, or he will go home. He's hasn't even been willing to backup a replacement youngster in GB, what on earth would make you think he'd settle for a backup role elsewhere? McNair too will either retire or eek out one more season with the hapless Titans.

    Collins and Fiedler don't want to wear warmup jackets behind a guy like Brady. Both are still looking for their lucky shot. Collins should just go back to downing them.

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