Picking up the Slack...

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    If you assume that the Pats won't acquire a high quality LB somehow, probably the Draft, the Pats would have to pick up the Slack of losing Willie. How do they do so?

    On running downs, the Line backing would probably be Vrabel, Beisel/Calridge/?, Tedy and Colvin. On passing downs. the linebacking would be Vrabel, Tedy and Colvin with a line of Green, Seymour, Wilfork and Warren. If Green stands up or puts his hand down, it would be a two gap 3-4 or two gap 4-3, not a lot of difference,since the 4-3 is not a legit 4-3 but a two gap variations on the 3-4.

    Depth would come from Hill, Beisel, Claridge and TBC. Its weaker, but I'm sure Bobby Carpenter or Manny Lawson and Chris Cocong will join the crew, as well as another ILB and then it looks OK...

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