Pick two: Mcfadden, Lendale White or Ray Rice?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by D-cleater, Sep 7, 2008.

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    Hey guys... need help with my 2-3 RB. I took Brady in the first round of the draft so my #2 RB is going to be a toss up every week. I have Frank Gore starting and then Mcfadden, Lendale White, Ray Rice, Duece Mcallister, Steve Slatton, and Derrick Ward).

    I like Mcfadden to get 50 yds and few catches this week, so I'm considering starting him at #2.

    What would you say to Lendale White vs Ray Rice? Mcgahee is probable in Baltimore, but coming off of orthopedic surgery on his knee. White is going to share carries with the rookie , so both White and Rice will share time. Rice is unproven but has the more favor matchup on D against Cincinatti. I'm leaning towards starting him over White. Thoughts?

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