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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by MrBigglesWorth, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. MrBigglesWorth

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    Rewatching the superbowl makes missing this year being so close is torturous. But relishing the past is great.

    I see the Pats now compared to the Steelers of the 70's.

    Both won 2 and I believe both will have a two year gap before the Pats win two more in a row.

    They've transitioned these past two years and the team is only going to get better as these transition players have more experience in the system.

    I believe they'll get a bye this year and force a west coast team to travel to foxboro. Have the weather back on their side and travel on their side. Get ready for a great ride coming up these next to years.
  2. frankiesfly

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    Oh yeah. I look at this pats last season pretty much as a rebuilding season. This coming season, the NFL is in trouble. We are coming up, and coming up hard.
  3. PF1996

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    What have we rebuilt? Our linebackers are old. Our secondary is old, injury prone and (to be kind) inconsistent. The Dline didn't get an infusion of youth/talent. Our WR group has been dismantled and rebuilt with discards and a second round pick who can't get on the field. Our QB has apparently topped out. Our T.E.s aren't getting any better. Our young RB can't run between the tackles, ALWAYS falls backwards when hit and appears not to have the full trust of the coaching staff. The only group on the Patriots that has been "rebuilt" is the OLINE...and they are worse than their predecessors. Wish I had your confidence but I'm not seeing a reason for it. Watching the Pats play Carolina just demonstrates the difference between Weis vs McDaniels/Belichick, Brady '03 vs Brady '06 and the Oline with our discards versus our current Oline. Much better offensive adjustments, much better play by Brady and much better play by our Oline. The Pats had a prime opportunity to win two more before age hit and real rebuilding was needed. They blew it and now we are really going to enter the rebuilding phase for the next 2-3 years.
  4. satz

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    Alot of problem with the post.
    OL - IN nfl OL gets better having played together for a season or 2.So they will get better. I am amazed when you say we have a bad oline as brady was smacked less than most QB`s .YOu need to look at meriman and freeney and ask them perhaps?
    Time- Their are no constants and for some reason you think teams do not evolve and change.We have a 1/3 starting rooster turn over from 01 . SO from you point of view after 01 we have gone downhill as we turn over 1/3 our rooster. WRONG AGAIN.
    Coaching- Again you want weiss and crennel to stay here and not be HC.... what the heck .NFL has a 3 yr turn over at coaching staff so we beat the avg with this guys btw.
    RB- We have the best running attack we every had and i have a feeling the whole first few weeks when they held the offence burn them out ,by the end as their was no balance for 10 weeks.
    WR- We are way better than we were from 01-05.Every one wants deion and gives back so they can go 10-6 /great numbers for brady/lossing in the playoff.
    Seconday- Except harrison and hawkins we have 12 DBs and all are either 25/26 which is old?
    DL - IS still the best
    LB- yes we are old but all we need is 2 ILB a veteran and a rookie and OLB rotation with vrabel /colvin and FA/Rookie will dominate.
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  5. frankiesfly

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    The key words were"pretty much".Our QB topped out? So QB's only have 5 seasons and there done? He had all new recievers and still took our team to the AFCCG. Our secondary is young besides one player, harrison. Watson, if here will be improved next season. Mcdaniels is young and will be better next year. Maroney will start next season and be better. Welost our number one reciever, and never had one, and will probably get one in the off season, unless you think Reche is a number one reciever. Win 2 more before age hit, so we should of won 4 str8 super bowls, your kidding right? We have a whole new team, and coaching staff since 03. How can you expect things to be the same. We made it to the AFCCG, and proud that our team even made it that far. Yes it was "prettymuch"a rebulding year, with a new coaching staff, and whole new offense. As long as we have BB and Brady we can accomplish anything and this season proved that. We have money to spend,a draft, and possible trades. we will be better next year.
  6. frankiesfly

    frankiesfly Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    yep. Your right.
  7. PATRIOTS-80

    PATRIOTS-80 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    guys don't even bother ... he has been arguing with Patriot fans that he would take Marc Bulger as his QB over Tom Brady. :rolleyes:
  8. PF1996

    PF1996 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    My opinion that Brady has apparently topped out is based on his subpar play this year. Spare me the "new receivers" chant. The receivers we had were getting open within our offensive plays - more often than not, Brady simply did NOT recognise that they were open or delivered the ball inaccurately. Had Brady played like Brady of old in the AFCCG, the Pats would be playing tomorrow and Jackie would have had to hold on to her "hope THIS one gets Belichick fired" article.

    I guess I should have qualified "secondary is old" with the phrase "the players who can be considered to be competent" are old. Hobbs is inconsistent, Samuel is a free agent (who was also inconsistent prior to this year). Sanders played well in his second chance but is unproven as a full fledged starter. What other possible competent players do we have in the secondary who are young? Mickens and Chad Scott are both OLD. Wilson has played like crap the last two years, when he's not injured. I count three players from the secondary signed by the Pats who are not old. Who are the other 9-10?

    This past year was McDaniel's second and he wasn't any better from 2005,nor did he get better as the season wore on so exactly why are you assuming that he will be better next year? Inability to make offensive adjustments is why we lost the AFCCG and McDaniels/Belichick showed no improvement in that area. Ditto with Watson...this was supposed to be his year for improvement and he actually got why are you assuming he will get better next year? Ditto with Maroney who got worse, NOT BETTER, as the season progressed. Where are we getting this number one receiver from? Wasn't aware that any are going to be on the market. Are we going to trade for one? Yes, we SHOULD have won 4 straight SBs - we had a clear path to do so once Pittsburgh beat Indy in 2005 and we beat San Diego in 2006. We self-destructed against both Denver and Indy - beat those two teams and we would have won the SB. Unless you believe that we wouldn't have beaten sloppy, pathetic Seattle, or the Bears, who we already beat this year.

    This season proved that Belichick needs a good offensive coach and Brady needs, this point, I don't know...a new brain, new contacts, new QB coach, but he obviously needs something.
  9. PF1996

    PF1996 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    People like you make me it's good to have you around. Apparently there's something wrong with wanting a QB with a higher career completion %tage and QB rating....and it's so obvious that I have yet to see anyone (including you) provide that reason. I'm guessing it's because you don't have one.
  10. PATRIOTS-80

    PATRIOTS-80 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    "....they blew it and now we are really going to enter the rebuilding phase for the next 2-3 years"

    yeah, all 31 teams are really hoping that....

    do you know how many trolls I've dealt with coming in bragging that their QB had a higher completion % than Tom Brady? LOL

    You keep it up and you're going to unite the board. LOL
  11. SVN

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    watching this game many times pats rolled out brady to throw quick hitch passes to brown avoiding the pressure...we didnt see any such adjustments this yr or it didnt work at all this yr much when our line was struggling a bit

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