Patriots at Steelers in 2010

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Patriots Fans' started by SoCal Bong, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. SoCal Bong

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    The Patriots will be playing in Pittsburgh next season. We won't know the date of the game until April but that doesn't mean we can't start planning now.

    I run a club called Patriots Tailgate which is for Pats fans going to road games.

    Maybe a local can help me out with some of the logistics.

    Is there a lot of parking lot tailgating going on there? Or maybe there are nearby bars and restaurants that we could hang out for a few hours before the game and then walk over before kickoff? Which would work better?

    We also like to have a Saturday night party (night before the game) and if we can get a reserved section or a private room we might be able to get some special guests to join us (former players, PFW guys, Robert & Jonathan Kraft, etc.) as we've done for past road games.

    If you are thinking about going to this game, please join the Patriots Tailgate Yahoo Group.
    PatsTG : Patriots Tailgate

    If you would be interested in helping organize and coordinate the pre-game and tailgate parties please let me know.
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  2. SoCal Bong

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    Pats at Steelers will be on Sunday night 11/14 at 8:20pm EST

    Being that it's a night game, a nearby sports bar to watch the day games might be good for our "tailgate". A place that we can take public transportation or walk over from would be ideal.
  3. SpiderFox53

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    The "public transportation" in Pittsburgh is a joke. Go here Port Authority of Allegheny County - Pittsburgh, PA

    There are however several Hotels in downtown Pittsburgh that are within walking distance of the stadium. As for bars, I can't help you with that. The only bar I go to in the city is the Smiling Moose on the southside. The stadium is on the northside.

    I almost forgot. They call the "subway" system here the "T". I wonder where that came from? /sarcasm
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  4. 20HindSight20

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    My brother and I will be going to that game. He lives in Pittsburgh and I'm in AZ but we're both originally from Mass.

    I went there in what was it, '04? The end of the 24 game win streak where Burgess caught that fade route TD etc. We chose to tailgate with the Pitt fans... the ribbing is mostly good natured, you might get a tough guy here and there (there was one a-hole who threw an ice cube at my head with 20 of his steeler buddies at his back) but they are cool for the most part. There seem to be mixed away/home parking lots and then vast majority steeler parking lots... unfortunately, we got stuck in a steeler parking lot. I'd love to meet up for the game but idk how useful I'd be in coordinating anything since I've never done anything like that before. IDK in any case let me know. Thanks.
  5. SoCal Bong

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    Tailgate at the stadium or a nearby bar/restaurant?
    For some stadiums, parking is very expensive and many people use public transportation to get to the stadium or they are very strict and really don't allow tailgating (Seattle). In those cases it makes more sense to find a bar or restaurant and just meet up there a few hours in advance of the game and head over to the stadium together. If it's in walking distance that's great but that could also mean that the place is crazy crowded on game day. Alternatively it could be a place not right near the stadium but close to jumping on public transportation.

    Obviously a Boston bar would be ideal but not necessary. We probably don't want to pick a place that is known as a Steeler bar. In fact it doesn't even need to be a sports bar though it would be nice if it were a place where we could watch the 4pm games while hanging out.

    Stadium tailgating
    If you suggest tailgating right in the stadium parking lots, the key is picking a location in advance that doesn't typically fill up right away; we don't want to compete with the local diehards that line up at the parking lot gates at the crack of dawn. Just a location that other Pats fans can find us at regardless of what time they arrive. Also important to know which gates can be used to reach that section of the parking lot.

    If you have any input on that please let me know. It may be worthwhile to talk to friends who regularly tailgate at Steelers games if you haven't gone too many times yourself.

    Looking forward to hearing back from anyone who has any input.
  6. SpiderFox53

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    I work with several people that have season tickets. (trying to get one of them to let me have the Pats game tix). I'll see if I can get you any info.
  7. SoCal Bong

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    Anyone going to this game? Anyone making tailgate plans?

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