Patriots A "Force" To Be Reckoned With

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Article, Sep 26, 2007.

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    Star Wars gives us the guidance we need this week...

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    Re: Patriots A \"Force\" To Be Reckoned With

    The we have been playing it is like we have force powers and use jedi mind tricks
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    I enjoyed it except for the strong recommendation to read Gregg Easterbrook's tripe. I've enjoyed TMQ over the years, but the absurd accusations and paranoia shown the last 2 weeks have not expanded my mind but rather made me question his. And it has nothing to do with the fact that it was the Patriots that were the object of the disciplining, it has everything to do with the absurdity of his conspiracy theories and the inability to see the true competitive value of the videotaping the Patriots performed (which is meager). Of course, on that point, he's in a solid majority of people who prefer to cast stones than truly think things through in an unbiased way. But for a person who views himself to truly be an intellectual, his flights of fancy into the twilight zone on the videotaping issue show him to be more of an agenda-driven fool than a thought-provoking columnist.
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    So those who think Easterbrook is way off base and have no use for his agenda-driven tripe aren't thinking critically about the issue? The major problem here is so many completely misunderstood the league's demand that the Patriots turn over all their videos. I can't believe how many thought it was a further investigation. Okay, "critical thinkers", ask yourselves this: if the Patriots were being further investigated, don't you think they would have demanded to keep an extra copy of the tapes so as to refute any allegations of "cheating" the league might find? Do you honestly think they would cheerfully turn everything over without keeping something to defend themselves with? That they would have merrily gone along with the witch hunt?

    Yes, I agree more critical thinking is needed. But please don't let someone unbalanced like Gregg Easterbrook do it for you. Think for yourself.
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    I posted on this thread yesterday, why was it deleted ???
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