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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by kurtinelson, Mar 15, 2006.

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    The Patriots are hemoraging, losing beloved veterans like Willie Mac, promising young stars like David Givens and they are soon to lose the greatest place kicker in the history of the universe, AV. With almost $20 million in cap space, the Pats have yet to even dabble in free agency. Is this typical BB/Pioli protocol - not overpaying in free agency, not letting emotions get in the way of contract negotiations OR is this a Bob Kraft's passive agressive way of protesting the new CBA? Bob Kraft is letting BB/Pioli run the best run sports franchise in football into the ground so that they will lose fan support and all of the revenue that he has worked so hard to earn. This is Kraft's master plan to stick it to the "low revenue" teams with the publicly fiananced stadiums that fought tooth and nail to get their hands on HIS hard earned revenue. Eventually, fan disgust will ruin the franchise and his revenues will plummet to the lowest in the league. At that point he'll raise his middle finger to the rest of the owners and ask for his CBA "welfare" check. In the meantime, fans will come to realize that Patriot Nation Armaggedon has arrived!!!!!!!!
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    Now *that* was a good post!
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    i knew i hated that Kraft guy. Lets get the razor dude back.
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    Thanks. I always thought Armaggedon was a biblical myth... until now.
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    Ilike the team so much...

    Good'un but no one could beat the Sullivans..No One! Your team gets smoked and your GM gets ***** slapped all in the same game. Be a while before Kraft can beat that.
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    Um, they WON that game. On the road. Second consecutive road playoff win. Small detail.
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    OOOhhhh...nevermind. The Sullivans still sucked.
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    Think about it... $20 mil in cap space this year, with a slew of people we need to resign next year, like that guy whats his name... Seymour? With that money they will keep him. Any big names hitting FA next season? Could we be planning on hitting it hard with an even bigger salary cap next year?

    With the people we still have Brady, Branch, "healthy" Dillon, Watson... Bruschi, Seymour, healthy and im sure hungry Harrison, we can still compete, not just for the division. Don't start jumping the gun and hating people we've come to think of as legends. They are always thinking and seemingly ahead of everyone else.

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    Well, to be truthful, it was really just Chuck that sucked. It was Chuck that threw this whole thing into turmoil and forced the eventual sale of the team to Kiam.

    I'm sure I'm not entirely alone in having fondness for Billy, considering he started the thing and managed in some way to hang in through all those years. The team exists because of him. I never thought the guy should be hung for simply not having enough cash to really play in the big leagues. One of my fondest memories as a fan is Billy's acceptance of the Hunt Trophy in the Orange Bowl locker room. A friend an I still love to recite that speech back and forth when we've had a few beers. It was hilarious and touching.

    If we can hang Billy for anything, its for not kicking Chuck to the curb. But, after all, it was his son. We're all imperfect.

    And Pat....the thing I'll point out about Pat is that he was the one that picked Ray Berry to come back to New England and take over the team when things with Ron Meyer blew up. Those players loved Ray Berry and played their asses off for him. A year later, we were in our first Super Bowl. Pat had his imperfections as a GM, but that was one hell of a hire.
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    Okay then...let's dig up Orthwein.

  11. Pats67

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    I hate to be a party pooper, but he hired Parcells. :D

    Kiam, you guys can have Kiam. Tear him up.
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    Like to see it

    Do you have a pointer?

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