Owners Meeting - NFL may extend Rooney Rule to GM's

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  1. jmt57

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    NFL Looking To Expand 'Rooney Rule' To GM's

    A few notes form today's NFL meetings in Fort Lauderdale:

    • Owners dicussed expanding the Rooney Rule from coaching openings to GM positions
    • Clubs can have their logos on state lotteries in order to expand revenue streams
    • Revamping the anti-tampering rules regarding free agents, to either include no talking to the player's agent, or creating a window of time where clubs could talk prior to when a free agent can be signed
    • More talk about expanding the schedule
    • The Dolphins are going to make available wireless units for fans in club and suite levels that will allow them to watch replays of all the other ongoing games

    And a few thoughts:
    • Aren't we yet beyond the need for the Rooney Rule in the NFL?
    • What happens to states with three teams, or a state with no lottery? And since it's the New England Patriots, can Bob Kraft make an agreement with all six states? Do the Jets and Giants get New Jersey or New York?
    • Opening a window of time after the Super Bowl and prior to the start of free agency that allows teams to speak to soon-to-be free agents seems like a no-brainer to me.
    • If fans are going to sit in a suite and watch other games on tv, why are they even at the stadium at all?
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  2. blackglass3

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    #11 Jersey

    Really don't get the Rooney Rule thing. The last 3 Super Bowls have been won by either a black coach or black GM. I figured it was a good time to eliminate it, and they are expanding it. :confused:
  3. Underoath

    Underoath On the Game Day Roster

    I thouht I was going to come in here and see people saying it was a good idea to expand the Rooney rule. Thank god I'm wrong...I just don't get this rule anymore. Our society has an African-American President. I think it's safe to say our society has put race behind it for the most part. Yes there is still racism, and probably always will be. But I don't think anyone has ever not hired a coach because of his race in the last 10 years. Really don't get this.

    All this does is make it seem like there's a problem when there isn't one. The rule itself is hypocritical. I understand it's a minority thing. But what if an Afrian-American GM and owner only interviewed black coaches? That would be fine?
  4. Pats726

    Pats726 Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    I see nothing wrong with the Rooney rule...what they WANT to try and do is expand it from coaches into the front office..in a short time..I agree there will be no need for it..but now? I see no problem with it. How many afro americans are GMs? Just being proactive and that is never bad. (How many black coahes are there in college football?? That's another story...)
    The free agency window makes sense..as teams have tampered for years..so have a rule and make ANY variation a BIG violation.
    Expanding the schedule?? Talk about a developmental league OR another way for teams to evaluate and develop talent..and THEN talk about expansion....and OH YES..IR changes and an expanded schedule...THAT also MUST be in place FOR an expanded schedule...as well as getting the players onboard. (A new CBA...) Frankly I do NOT want any more games but if these idiots think more = better...they have OTHER things that NEED to go with it.
    The lottery?? Just another stream of revenue and Kraft was there quick...og COURSE!!!
    People in boxes looking at other games?? I agree..why go??
  5. ALP

    ALP Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    I agree with the responses so far, the Rooney Rule was effective and a good measure when created, to start an equal trend, but now it really is past its use.....

    as a society we are improving every day, we do not need the rooney rule anymore
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