OT: Favre closing in on unbreakable record

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    Favre is now within striking distance of a record that may never be broken again: Career Interceptions. While Favre's approach to Marino's career TD record of 420 has received mega publicity, it is a paper tiger, because Manning will make that number an afterthought. But if Favre can "pass" the current INT record of 277, by George Blanda, that record will stand forever as an enduring monument of quarterbacking futility. There is no passer on the horizon who will even get a sniff of it, and with the new-found emphasis on cerebral QBs, the shift away from the "gunslingers" of old, only Rex Grossman seem like a possible candidate... although Rex may not even make it through THIS SEASON if he keeps it up.

    Granted, Favre's pursuit of that awe-inspiring benchmark is a long shot: He would have to throw 6 INTS in week 17 to make it happen. But given his history, 6 picks is still within reach (see NFC playoff game vs. Rams).
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    I think Favre will come back for another season.

    He will get the all time TD pass record. I agree that he will only hold it for a few seasons until Peyton Manning eventually surpasses him. Of coures, Manning will have to be as injury free as Favre was though.
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    His next record will be for the most kudzu bushogged in a single season.
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    I'm sure he will spend a good 3 months holding daily "I'm undecided" calls with his apologists in the media before deciding to do it.

    Then he will pull the same tired act again after next season.

    To bad for Packers fans no one in that organization has the stones to say thanks but no thanks and move on.

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