OT: Chad Johnson hit and post game press conference...(videos)

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SeanBruschi54, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. SeanBruschi54

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  2. edgecy

    edgecy Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Yeah, I like CJ. That looked like a nasty nasty hit. Hope he's okay soon.
  3. RYObroncosfan

    RYObroncosfan On the Game Day Roster

    That was a terrible hit....hope he recovers....:(
  4. Alk

    Alk In the Starting Line-Up

    I like him as a player and think all of the talking and showboating he does is hilarious but that all comes with a price. I think he laid a few dollars down on that hit. :D
  5. MrTibbs

    MrTibbs Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    The interview afterwards is pretty spooky. That has to be the #1 all time JACKED UP!
  6. njpatsfan

    njpatsfan Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Now I know what my father meant, when he said:

    "I'll knock you into next week !"

  7. dhamz

    dhamz In the Starting Line-Up

    This one was all on the Bengals coaches.

    Next time Marvin Lewis will probably think twice about throwing the ball with all his stars in the game that was 34-10 with 2 minutes left.
  8. R_T26

    R_T26 Banned

    the second video is kinda funny

    "how did baabababadoo guys.....HUUUUUUEEEE"

    After he says Hue he looks like he gets nauseau, and is ready to puke inside his shirt.
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  9. BoTown

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    He asked how did Bodden do (referring to Leigh Bodden, the cornerback that was covering him). As for who Hugh is, I have no idea. Maybe that's his nickname for Houshmandzadeh?
  10. T-ShirtDynasty

    T-ShirtDynasty Moderator

    Sorry, the second link almost made me lose my adult beverage. :D Wow, that is one messed up individual. And they said he didn't have a concussion?!? How is that possible given that interview? That is one punch-drunk concussed dude.

    On the hit itself... that's only illegal if he used his helmet, right? If that's a shoulder to the face, it's okay isn't it? Or is it that whole 'defenseless reciever' thing? Just hard to tell on YouTube resolution... all I can see is one hellacious hit.
  11. kolbitr

    kolbitr Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Doesn't seem to have been posted yet, so here's the link to the espn story on the hit: http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2596441

    Whether he's accurate about the Browns' intent, he certainly is taking this manfully. For all his showboating, Johnson's no whiner. Consider me a bit impressed.
  12. SeanBruschi54

    SeanBruschi54 In the Starting Line-Up

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    Thats why he has so many fans outside the Bengals fanbase.

    He's all about winning and trash talking but if he gets shown up he says he gets shown up. He can dish it out and take it, and if he takes it he smiles and makes sure hes better prepared for the next game.

    He's the only WR i would ever give multiple number 1 picks for.
  13. captain stone

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    Another reason to despise the Bungles. Thug coach, thug team, and now they like to run up the score too, it seems.

    As for Chad Johnson: you can have him. Loudmouthed, disrespectful, self-absorbed diva-jocks make me ill. If I'm running a team, punks like him aren't even in my area code.
  14. zippo59

    zippo59 Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Oh man he is so out of it in that interview. His eyes are glazed over and he just seems like he doesn't really know what he's talking about.
  15. Murphys95

    Murphys95 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Johnson epitomizes much of what I dislike about the NFL. He's part of a seemingly never-ending supply of arrogant wide receivers who think they're more important than the team they play for. Nice to see him get clocked.

    That being said I hope he's okay physically.
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  16. SeanBruschi54

    SeanBruschi54 In the Starting Line-Up

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    Obviously you dont know Chad Johnson. He doesnt believe that at all. He's all about his teammates. He took a very reasonable contract restructuring when he could of had a ton more cash in FA.

    The only thing he believes in is that he is the best WR in the NFL today (not that absurd) and that no one can stop him (thats his challenge to everyone).
  17. TruthSeeker

    TruthSeeker PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Man, he almost got his blond mohawk knocked off. What a hit, maybe he won't be putting down other teams CB's any more. I actually enjoyed that hit, almost as much as seeing T.O. getting knocked around, he took some viscious hits too. CJ is too mouthy for my liking, he got what he deserved.
  18. njpatsfan

    njpatsfan Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Hey, now he's [size=+1]REALLY[/size] a [size=+3]FATHEAD ![/size]

  19. RPCity

    RPCity Practice Squad Player

    From John Clayton:

    "Meeting of the mouths? Chad Johnson was a little subdued -- and funny -- Wednesday. The Bengals wide receiver is still recovering from a bone-jarring, helmet-removing hit during Sunday's game against the Browns. He said he can't turn his head to the left, he can't look to the right, he can't raise his right shoulder and he can't eat McDonald's because he's on a liquid diet due to a sore jaw. "It's the first time I got hit in six years," Johnson said. "Somebody's got to pay." So Johnson called out Steelers linebacker Joey Porter, whom he called the mouth of the team. He wants Porter to meet him in the middle of the field Sunday when the two teams meet. "

    Wow Chad.....I'm a big fan and all....but thats a death wish right there.
  20. njpatsfan

    njpatsfan Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I'm sure that Porter will be 'meeting' him all over the field on Sunday.


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