OT: Alameda Ta'amu in a Whole Lotta Trouble

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by mayoclinic, Oct 14, 2012.

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    This kid was one of my sleeper binkies last year, and I was disappointed when the Steelers grabbed him in the 5th round of the 2012 draft. But after last night, Alfonzo Dennard's legal problems pale in comparison:

    Steelers' Alameda Ta'amu charged with felony DUI - NFL.com

    Three felony counts including 2 assault charges while intoxicated? That's serious stuff.

    Didn't see that one coming. I can't remember any major red flags, off the top of my head. But I'd guess his career just took a major derailment.
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    When police tried to pull him over, Ta'amu reportedly drove his car at them.

    Well, I'm sure it seemed like the thing to do at the time!! [​IMG]

    Obviously, Taamu was a major Binkie of mine, and I would've been ecstatic to've pull'd'm down when the Steelers did...

    Always in motion, the Future is. :D
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    I suppose there's three possibilities:

    1. His performances in practice are not up to scratch.

    2. He's going to prison and the Steelers recognise that fact.

    3. He's a bigger headache than the one incident demonstrates and the Steelers realise they won't be able to control him

    Whichever is the right one, I say stay away.

    OT: Did you see that the Rams made Janoris Jenkins a healthy scratch for a rules violation? Didn't even make it to half a season before the problems set in.
  6. mayoclinic

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    I certainly wasn't suggesting putting in a claim on Ta'amu. Not interested. Pats have picked their risks already.
  7. ctpatsfan77

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    Well, they did release Tarpinian today. . . . :eek:

    Seriously, though, I think they'll pass.

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