OFFICIAL: Norv Turner named new Chargers head coach

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    Sirius Radio just announced Norv has become the Head Coach of the Chargers- Dumb Move.

    I agree with one of the guys on Sirius that said Dan Reeves who was interested in the job got turned down...Dan was always a very good head coach and that was a mistake to dis him...The Chargers front office seems to be falling apart,at least in the coaching department.
  2. Patjew

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    Great news... for us!
  3. broadwayjoe

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    Maybe that will make LT happy.
  4. patsox23

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    Norv over Dan Reeves?! LOL! Chargers Window - CLOSED. Thanks for making the next half decade that much easier.
  5. MoLewisrocks

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    Norv is likely a stop gap, as he would have been in Dallas. It will be interesting to see if AJ gets the axe after the draft or is given a year with Norv and an all new blended or cobbled together staff to see if he can play well with others and Marty was the whole problem. Norv was prepared to butt heads with Jerry Jones at the expense of landing that job, so I doubt AJ will scare him.
  6. DarrylS

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    What happened to Peter Carroll.. thought he could pump and jack up that team, Norv will do just as poorly.
  7. zippo59

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    How many stints does a HC have to fail at before teams decide he's no good?
  8. NoCal Patriot

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    They named Norville ! :singing: :singing: :singing:
  9. Jimke

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    Too many retreads in the NFL.
  10. Fanfrom1960

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    How old is Reeves, about a hundred? :p
  11. Fanfrom1960

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    Stopgap to whom? Nobody left in San Diego except Shamu the whale. :rofl:
  12. Seymour93

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    Cowher immediately comes to mind. Although the Cowboys may be trying to get him in a year. I almost feel sorry for Norv and Wade Phillips.
  13. MoLewisrocks

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    Stopgap to anyone who wants and could command total control of football operations. The thing to watch now is whether or not AJ retains his job or Spanos makes a clean sweep in disgust with his dysfunctional football operations staff.

    A new GM will want to name his own HC, at least by year 2, and a new HC/GM superstar would eliminate AJ and bring his own staff along. AJ refused permission for Wade to take any more of Marty's guys to Dallas. Marty was pissed because he knew he was a lame duck who couldn't protect them. That's why some feel his move to hire his brother as DC was really calculated suicide to end the farse a year early while retaining his $4.5M salary. And possibly free some of them to catch on elsewhere now while vacancies remain with 2 guys they just worked with (Phillips and Cameron) because Norv will likely get to name at least a few of his own assistants. If he doesn't, then you really know this is stop gap.
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  14. MoLewisrocks

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    I doubt Cowher would go to Dallas unless Jerry unloaded the entire vault. Jerry really prefers figurehead coaches. Even made one out of Tuna before he was done. He has long been rumored to be infatuated with Fisher. And by 2008 guys like Billick, DelRio, Fox and even Coughlin could be ready for the recycle bin. Not to mention Lovie whose relationship with Bears ownership is a tad strained entering his final contract year and Holmgren who remains unhappy with Paul Allen for taking the GM responsibilities away from him 2 years ago.
  15. Fanfrom1960

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  16. everlong

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    I bet AJ will forced a defensive coordinator on Turner. Turner is a decent offensive coordinator as long as he has talent and the Chargers certainly do. They need to address the WR position for him to be fully successful but as long as they bring in a decent guy for the defense I bet they don't drop off too bad.

    I don't like Turner as a HC but I think this move for AJ is about having a HC he can control, keeping LT happy by bringing in somebody he respects to keep the offense moving and getting somebody in quickly because the draft is coming up fast. This will allow AJ to control that completely.
  17. ChoWZa

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    I can't wait to blame all the chargers shortcomings on this decision. Every LT fumble.. every dropped pass.. every point given up. God this will be so great.
  18. Seymour93

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    I was looking at it from the angle of current personnel. Both SD and Dallas are built around the 3-4 (although both team's 3-4 is a bit different from Pittsburgh's). Cowher seems like a better fit in those two cities than he does in, let's say, Carolina, where he bought a house. Nobody really thought that Jerry Jones would hire someone like Parcells, but it happened. I think Jones will realize quickly that it's better to have someone like Parcells running the team than a Dave Campo-like yes man (Phillips). I won't hold my breath however. Spanos in SD, isn't exactly the ideal owner either, so Cowher will have a real choice on his hands.
  19. zippo59

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    It seems like Turner can only look good when he has the greatest offensive line in history, arguably the greatest running back, and one of the greatest QBs and WRs.

    San Diego is talented but even they might fall short there.
  20. Seneschal2

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