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    good article. This guy seems to have his head together. I will be hard to tell until we see him play in a couple of pre-season games.

    It sounds as if he has earned being in the rotation .
  4. PatsFanInVa

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    Here comes that Christmas morning feeling again -- are you guys psyched to see what comes of this draft class or what?!?!?

  5. gomezcat

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    It's a great article, but I don't think he made life easy for himself by implying that training camp was physically OK for him. You can see the vets and the coaches thinking, "You thought that was OK, huh?". :D
    In seriousness, I'm glad he's got his head switched on. Good luck to him.
  6. Flying Fungi

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    g-cat--of all facets of the squad, I would think that those learning under Scar's tutelage would be the most humble...but I do get your point...
  7. gomezcat

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    Indeed. I think the big eye opener for him will be the preseason game when he deals with a whole new level of intensity and power. He'll be fine, by all accounts!
  8. Seymour93

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    Nice find, Box.

    BB must like what he sees with this kid if he's already getting reps with the first team. That means O'Callaghan is evaluated above or near Gorin, while I've yet to hear about fellow new boys Stevenson and Ross Tucker breaking into the first squad. Like the article says, O'Callaghan was no slouch for Cal. What caused his draft day slide remains a mystery (most likely scouts became concerned with some of O'Callaghan's mechanics), however judging by the early indications from Foxboro they (the scouts of other teams) may be regretting overlooking the productive O'Callaghan.
  9. Box_O_Rocks

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    Mucho Gracias Sey.

    Tucker reportedly was playing at 2nd string RG. O'Callaghan and Britt are rotating behind Gorin, they're getting 1st string reps because Light is being rested and Gorin :)eek:) is taking LT reps with Kaczur on PUP. Still, I'm happy to see the kids getting the extra reps and exposure to the 1st string defense - I can't think of better competition to fine tune a player.

    Raiders are sucking against the Iggles, Sapp is getting plowed under in the run game, life is very good.
  10. Kasmir

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    O'Callaghan had a chronic shoulder injury which he was playing through. The other concern was that he lacked the agility to play tackle in the NFL but also might be too slow to play guard. Those who liked him projected him as a right tackle in the NFL.

    It will interesting to watch him to see if he has the agility to play RT. If he does, we'll have an upgrade, as he will almost certainly be a better run blocker than either Gorin or Ashworth.

    As for his other competition: Kaczur is more an LT than an RT -- he lacks NFL strength at RT. Britt has already failed in the NFL, and lacks both agility and speed.

    Because he's still an unknown, O'Callaghan has the most upside of all our RT prospects. How much, we'll learn over the next few weeks.
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  11. Box_O_Rocks

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    I think it is a tad early to write Britt off, he is enrolled in the Dante Scarnecchia school for wayward mammoths.
  12. Kasmir

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    Sure. I should have said Britt has already failed once in the NFL. Obviously the Pats were intrigued enough to bring him into camp.

    But the fact remains that rookies have more upside -- and more downside -- because we know so littel about them until they play in the NFL. Therein lies the fun of watching these preseason exercises :)
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  13. Box_O_Rocks

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    No doubt, I'm drooling to watch Tivo of the Hotlanta game and see what our newbies look.

    Heh Mike, how about a division of labor for the breakdown - you take the first three series, I'll grab the next three and we'll alternate down the drive chart.
  14. patsox23

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    Wasn't Britt just injured and eventually cut by SD? I don't know how bad her performed with the Chargers - I could be wrong. Anyone know for sure?
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  15. captain stone

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    Didn't Britt break a leg at the Senior Bowl game, or during practice that week?
    Something like that would certainly lower one's draft stock.
    He probably played at (much?) less than 100% during TC last year; I don't understand, however, why SD didn't IR him instead of release him.
  16. Box_O_Rocks

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    I don't know that Britt made it to the Senior Bowl, I do know he was injured his senior year with the busted leg - I expect he just wasn't ready for the NFL when San Diego expended a 5th on him, then cut him at the end of camp. Lucky for his career hopes, the Scar School had a scholarship available, cross your toes and think positive thoughts.

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