Obvious Double Standard

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  1. Slagathor

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    OK, so here's my beef.

    The Colts lose Edge, a potential HOF RB and the media says, " are you kidding, the Colts are better than last year. Rhodes and Addai will pick up the slack no problem. No big deal. No weakness that we can see. Yeah, they haven't produced in pre-season but they will. How could they not?"

    Pat's lose Branch and Givens. They have a very serviceable receiver in Gabriel and a SPECIMEN draft pick with great size, speed and hands in Jackson, and we're dead in the water? What gives?

    Let me just add this little prediction.

    When the receivers we have do end up producing nicely THIS season, media guys like Felger will say, "well, yeah they were able replace Deion's production, but my issue was always just my concern of how the Pats treat their players. It sets a bad precedent."

  2. RI Pats Fan

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    The Colts losing Edge was the best thing that could've happen to the Patriots and the AFC South. Whether the media or not agrees is their own business. We should really stop letting them get to us like this. They're paid to be talked about controversially, you're letting them win when they get you riled up
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  3. maverick4

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    Even worse was how they said the addition of Vinatieri would somehow improve their win total. Really? Even with the loss of Edge and one of their best linebackers?

    Most experts lose credibility with me when they go on the Colts bandwagon every year. It seems like the Colts have been supposed to win the last 5 straight superbowls.

    It's ridiculous.

  4. miDeuce

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    Jags looked good yesterday. Hopefully they will give the Dolts a little bit of a run for their money this year.

    But as much as I hate to admit it, on paper, we have lost as much if not more than any team in the league. Guys who were key contributors on at least two of the super bowl teams and in the case of AV and McGinest all 3. I'd love to see every sports writer saying what most of us believe, that Brady/Belichick and the genius that is the New England Patriots can overcome any defections but no one, even our own Boston media will ever make that their POV. And to be honest rooting for the media darlings is never much fun anyway. I'd much rather be told how much we're gonna stink this year, because then every victory is that much sweeter...
  5. PonyExpress

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    Honestly, I wish I could pronounce doom on the Colts for the loss of E. James, but since his knee injury he's been a marginal runner with no breakaway speed who tends to run soft in big games like he's tiptoeing through the tulips. His major assets were pass-catching, blocking and durability. Addai is a very good pass blocker, has excellent hands and runs tough. The problem with Addai is durability. In college he showed an inability to avoid the big hit and I doubt he survives more than a year or two. He'd be much better off as a 3rd down back, like he was at LSU. As far as Patriot losses, the Patriots are an evolving team that renews itself as the withered parts fall off...
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  6. edgecy

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    In that case I would also say that Colts is also an evolving team that renews itself as the withered parts fall off. I think losing Colts losing James is equivalent of us losing our top 2 WRs. Whereas in our case we have replaced them with a pretty good WR (Gabriel) and a POTENTIAL (Jackson), and they have replaced James with Rhodes (decent) and at best the 4th best back of the draft. I like our chances.

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