NFLPA settles with ex-players

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Pats726, Jun 5, 2009.

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    +10 / 0 / -0 - NFLPA Continues To Reach Out To Retired Players

    It is interesting that this lawsuit was settled now...and I really wonder if Upshaw was leading teh union whether it would have happened.
    I think it's a step forward for the NFLPA. ..and should be applauded. And this is where I think Florio is a total jerk on this. THis is what he added this evening... - Highlights Of The List Of Retired Players Who Sued The NFLPA
    So now Florio is of the opinion that the union settled the suit so that the NFLPA would have a LOT of retirees as spokemen for the union. Could be...but maybe it was a REAL change in the way the union is doing keeping agents out of discussions of teh CBA???
    SO we have to listen to his BS on why the union did this..and what makes him a jerk is that if the union HAD NOT settled this lawsuit, he would have been attacking the union just as strongly. So either way, the union was wrong and we get to hear more BS from him. Kust another really loudmouth sleazy lawyer.
    I really like the information that PFT has, but when I see things like this from Florio talking out of both sides of his mouth, I think he's as bad if not worse than the ESPNers.
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