New York Times Perspective on Tomorrow's Game

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsFanSince74, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. PatsFanSince74

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    Here's the link to an usually objective article by Harvey Araton in today's Times. I've also included two brief quotes in case the link doesn't work for some reason. This is being hyped as a "defining" game for the Jets, so they will be primed on Thursday.

    "Granted, if the Jets win, they will have secured nothing more than a week alone in first place in a competitive division, top to bottom. But if they should lose to a team without the best quarterback in football, the star linebacker Adalius Thomas, running back Laurence Maroney and safety Rodney Harrison, where, exactly, would the Jets be, besides heading to another daunting place, Tennessee, the next week?

    "Favre, conversely, did not come to New Jersey to make the Jets merely respectable again. As the season continues, there is evidence mounting out of South Florida that Chad Pennington, given the $140 million roster upgrade benefiting Favre, would have been perfectly capable of quarterbacking the Jets into playoff contention.

    "Been there, done that, Favre has, too many times. He doesn’t need another bronze medal to add to his legacy....

    "If the Jets lose? Mangini’s obfuscations aside, there is a pretty good chance this game will define their season."
  2. billdog3484

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    i cant read the NY slimes
  3. NYCPatsFan

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    Thanks for the link and post. Very well written article IMO, especially the last line.

  4. PatsWickedPissah

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    Thanks for posting the amusing quotes in this well phrased article since I don't read or click on the NYT or its fellow traveler rag anymore.
  5. Gwedd

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    Same here. I have too much respect for truth and objectivity to read that particular brand of fishwrap.
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