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    Hey everyone. I've been lurking on this this site since last year. I've avoided joining for some time because I'm far from a football expert and chose to read and learn from some of the more knowledgeable posters on here. I've been a Pats fan since '93ish. I was never a sports head much until my I met my girlfriend who is from the New England area. Her grandmother who was from Lynfield Mass.(god rest her soul) was a sports nut. She was a coach for the local Hockey team, Baseball....she even won some awards (ie)Robert W. Sparks award...among others (Her name was Sparks). Anyway she would always send me Patriots socks, shirts, caps etc. So I guess you could say the Patriots adopted ME! I finally had to start posting because I just couldn't sit back and watch so many posters getting on Meriweathers case regarding the helmet to helmet debacle. I mean everyone's complaining about how the Pats arent a physical team (which I happen to agree with). Now finally the comes alive and a lot of people are playing the political correctness card. The guy made a mistake, apologized, is paying his fine. Can we just move on and play FB for christ sakes..Go pats. So anyway glad to be here and look forward to hang with you. :bye2:
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    If you have an opinion, jump right in on the conversations Silver,Blue&Red. No football literacy prerequisite test for comments and opinions. Though I won't be held responsible for what happens if you invite any of those Jersey Shore people here.
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