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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by Fencer, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. Fencer

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    1. DB. 4 of the Patriots top 8 DBs will be FAs after 2007, assuming Asante is locked up long-term. Otherwise it's 5. 1-2 of the others (Harrison, maybe Sanders) are short-termers. There's plenty of opportunity to upgrade.

    2. LB. The only youth-and-speed at LB is Thomas and the developmental players, and all the latter could be upgraded. Colvin's toughness is a little disappointing, and he could be gone in a couple of years. The only proven LBs who will obviously be here for more than two years are Thomas and Vrabel, and there has to be a little doubt even about Vrabel.

    3. DL. It's not known whether Warren will be resigned. Green and Wright may need to be replaced soon too, as they eventually leave for starting jobs. There's a definite upgrade opportunity at backup NT, as Wilfork can't go the whole game. And if there ever really were an excess at NT, Wilfork could probably take a few reps outside anyway.

    4. OT. Light's the only completely proven one, and all the top guys are a bit fragile.

    I don't know how to rank RB, P, etc. after that.

    This analysis is meant to be independent of considerations like "Well, chances are we won't get the needs for NT or OT met in this weak draft at those positions unless we happen to get lucky," whether or not that's actually an accurate assessment of the draft pool.
  2. Pats726

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    I see DB and LB as the real biggies..and the DL / OL as much lower. I think with Hill a make it or gone year for him..there is a clear spot for a player.
    DB---LB---then a gap...
  3. cstjohn17

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    I would spilt up DB (FS, SS, and CB) same with LB (ILB versus OLB). It also depends if you focus on 2007 or are looking at 2008+

    Tried to balance short-term improvement (2007) with long-term stability and depth (2-3 years). Needs only matter if two players are available who are equally rated. Every unit on the team could be improved so take it all with a grain of salt.

    All things being equal (which they never) my rankings are:
    1) CB - Hobbs is only CB signed beyond 2007 (of course this changes if Samuel is extended)
    2) ILB - Bruschi is slowing, Vrabel is more natural at OLB, Alexander is only a situational starter. IMO this is the only position on the team missing a starter and with the depth of the defense a full time start is not required, just someone who can take 15-20 snaps per game in a rotation.
    3) FS - Wilson is a question mark, unit returns top 2 starters (Wilson, Hawkins) but could use a playmaker.
    4) WR - Very solid for this season but only Jackson and Welker are under firm control beyond 2007.
    5) SS - Health concerns for Rodney but at least for 2007 the units returns the top starters and adequate backups reserves (Harrison, Sanders, Mitchell) with top 2 signed until 2008 or beyond.
    6) OLB - possibly some youth
    7) OL - never have enough O lineman
    8) DL - never have enough D lineman
    9) RB - another specialist would be nice (either short yardage or 3rd down speed back who can be split out as a WR)
    10) TE - solid, maybe a practice squad player reserve type
    11) QB - requisite 45 yeard old backup

    Reiss had them listed like this before FA
    1/ LB
    2/ CB
    3/ WR
    4/ S
    5/ RB
    6/ P
    8/ OL
    9/ DL
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