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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by WhiZa, Dec 4, 2007.

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    Maroney learned by watching Dillon his first year. Probably a bad idea since they are completely different RBs.

    Merriweather is not worth a 1st round pick. Please make a play Brandon, just once.

    what's that on randy moss's neck? Looked like some sort of bandage.

    Moss will never complain about a no call. DBs will bump him all day, and refs are just in awe and let it happen, and he never complains. that's a true professional.

    kelley washington is a team player. He came to the Pats expecting to he a starting WR, but now he's no more than a ST gunner and doing a great job. Thanks Kelley and I hope your pay cut goes well next year

    Is it just me or ravens D looked confused all game :confused: There were a few plays where I was hoping for a quick snap

    Where was the BB on BBs hoodie?

    Let's stop dropping passes in the first few drives.

    Billick is gay. NFL coaches have a don't ask don't tell policy, but after tonight's flirting with rodney he probably won't get asked back next year.
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