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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by JR4, May 14, 2006.

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  2. BelichickFan

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    If the OL holds up, Brady will have a field day with these guys, IMO. Jackson and Caldwell will be better than Givens and Davis (as a pair), Watson will be in his second year of playing, Graham back, Maroney will keep Dillon fresh. They may become confused by choice :)
  3. rookBoston

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    Moroney, Jackson and Thomas... they all sound like serious weapons.

    Gostkowski sounds like he's got a big leg.

    I think I may have underestimated how good our O is going to be this year.
  4. BelichickFan

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    It all comes down to the OL and how quickly Jackson, Caldwell and Thomas develop. And staying healthy, of course.

    I hate it when other teams say "how is anyone going to cover all our guys". But if Jackson or Caldwell becomes a serious #2 WR and the other is a decent #3, with Branch, hopefully Watson and Graham healthy (remember Graham wasn't healthy a lot of the second half) and Thomas seems like a real upgrade over Fauria. Then you add the big back in Dillon, the speedier Maroney spelling him with Faulk worked in too, it could get very, very interesting. Especially later in the year when the rooks should be more comfortable.

    I do hope to see some of this :

    when the pads are on.
  5. edzo44

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    The note that piqued my interest was this one:

    " . . . Willie Andrews made some nice plays on Sunday. He showed good recovery speed, knocking down a couple of balls intended for Chad Jackson. He was the one defensive back that was able to stay with Jackson on a consistent basis. "

    Now here's a young man that has definitely upped his visibilty and value to the coaches if he can consistently stay with a blistering fast wide receiver in coverage!!! Way to go 7th round pick!!!

  6. PonyExpress

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    The player Mincey reminds me of is Tamba Hali. They both have short arms, take very short quick steps and are hard for O-Lineman to get a handle on. Difference is Hali had better pass rushing production, Mincey had better athletic measurables by a wide margin.
  7. rookBoston

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    Well, I'm thinking we should shoot a little higher in our aspiration. We've been talking for years about the fact that we dont have a legitimate #1 receiver on the roster-- not since losing Terry Glenn.

    How would you describe the perfect #1 receiver? Write your answer down on the left side of a piece of paper.

    Now, how would you describe what we've seen from Chad Jackson in two days of Rookie Camp? Write that answer down on the right side of that sheet.

    Compare the two.

    THAT's what I'm starting to think about. Have we found a guy who can actually (eventually) bump our Superbowl MVP down on the depth chart at WR?
  8. BelichickFan

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    I have that hope too, and it's difficult to not mix "this year vs. at some point" but, although it happens, I doubt Jackson will be a #1 WR this year. For this year, I'm sticking with what I saaid. But, yes, Jackson has an interesting upside.

    In fact I wonder why he dropped and was supposedly only rising because of the weak WR year. He's fast with great hands and good size. He seems smart (based on the predraft stuff) and comes from a passing attack that Belichick claims is closer to a pro offense than most colleges. That leaves only the teachable things like crisp route running and using his speed on the field.
  9. dryheat44

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    I think Andrews is going to surprise some people. If he played at a school that didn't suck every year, he may have gone on the first day. I think he'll make the team as a returner and nickle/dime CB.
  10. JoeSixPat

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    Jackson is doing all the things I knew he could when I was beating my head against the wall trying to convince folks around here that he was worth a 1st round pick.

    But expecting a rookie to step in as the full time #2 WR is a tall enough order as it is. And while I think he COULD do that, I think BB likes to take things a little bit slower with the rookies. I'm predicting that he and Caldwell split time at #2 through September.

    If all goes well Jackson is entrenched at #2 through the rest of the season. Once he's solidified his role there we can begin talking about the future.

    I have every confidence that he has the skills a #1 WR needs - but look at the best #1 WRs playing today and look at their year 1 production. The VAST majority needed some time to develop, and that includes a lot of guys picked higher than Jackson.
  11. Pats726

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    He played safety his Sr year..forced to..basically was out of position. MANY think he was a steal in 7th...he certainly has a lot to work on, but showing that is a GREAT sign!!
  12. big mike

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    Most likely he dropped due to playing at Florida, and Florida WRs don't have a good history of transitioning well into the NFL. But, that was largely due to Steve Spurrier's offense - and he was gone by the time Jackson got there. So, hopefully he'll prove that that story is no longer true of Florida WRs.
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  13. patchick

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    A huge number of Texas high school and college products were drafted this year. Yet if you looked at Texas newspapers after the draft, almost every writer took the trouble to single out Andrews as a tremendous steal for the Patriots. Seems like he was very highly regarded by everyone who actually followed that miserable team.
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  14. PatsFan37

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    I'm impressed with how well some of you are tuned into the draft. Between Box and Big Mike (famous for predicting the Watson pick) and PatChick, you've got lots of in depth info for those of us who don't watch college ball.
  15. arrellbee

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    I seem to recall seeing a video clip where Andrews was resonding in an interview and, smiling, said that the first thing he had to do was beat out all of the DBs in rookie camp - then he could see about beating out some of the DBs already on the roster. Bold attitude but he didn't seem to be obnoxious about it. Was it Andrews or someone else ??

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