Massarotti says Belichick has gambled on the 2009 season and his future legacy

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Sep 6, 2009.

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    A lot of crap coming from the media today bashing this trade before the team even takes the field (I actually like the trade myself)

    I would give it a week or two to be negative if the defense turns out to suck but man,premature nausea today!

    If you are suicidal about today's trade and want some reassurment that everything will be alright then DO NOT read this article from the Globe,it could drive you to your nearest window ledge or cliff :eek:

    You know I liked Seymour but he played ONE position,the defense won't be destroyed by ONE player

    After groundshaking trade, will Belichick stand tall? - Tony Massarotti sports blog -
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  2. Garbanza

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    Didn't Maz call all Patriots fans cellar-dwelling, bb suck off yahoos? (or something like that ;) )

    Maz knows baseball and Veriteks genitals. Football, not so much. The weasle works for the Globe - owned by the Times - partial owner of the Sox. 'nuff said.
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  3. flasox27

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    Mazz is a buffoon like his POS buddy Tomasse and knows just as much about football. McDonough must be spinning like a top in his grave at the thought that the Globe has hired hacks like this turd.
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  4. IcyPatriot

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    Maz is a hack that should stick to hacking the Red Sox. His football knowledge would put him in the visitors locker room in this forum. His stories get attention when he shoots from his azz.
  5. Bella*chick

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    Duh duh DUHHHH.

    Cool the dramatics, Massarotti.
  6. mgteich

    mgteich Veteran Supporter

    We trade an all-pro, one of the best players at his position, for a draft pick two years from now. How can this help us in 2009? How can this NOT be a 2009 gamble.

    The only way that the Seymour trade could help the 2009 is if the money is used to sign someone.

    My preference would be to lock down a player for 2010, perhaps Gostkowski.

    But I don't think that we can spin this as a help to the 2009 team.



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    I wonder how the papers that these guys are hired by allow these guys to bash a trade so soon before real football even happens?

    It makes the paper and the writer look like clowns if this defense shows it can hold its own - Apparently from what I have read in the local Boston papers it looks like the only way NE can win games this year is if they score 40 or more every game,I don't think this defense is going to be rock solid nor do I think they are going to be horrid either but these writers already are assuming the latter.
  8. DynastyDriven

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    Massarotti also called Randy Moss a cancer and said it would never work out in New England.
  9. Deus Irae

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    It's all part of the revisionism that takes place when a player leaves. By Tuesday, Seymour will have been a locker room cancer who threatened to kick Belichick's ass and who never was any good on the field.

    People can't just accept that BB made a move that might not have been the greatest in NFL history.


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  11. Pats726

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    Mazz up to his old tricks...still whining and now wanting the cave dwellers..yes teh Patriot fans as he called them to buy his garbage. NOT happening..if after you read the article, you are KIND OF ticked the comments..they are hammering him pretty good....LIKE they should.
  12. JD10367

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    Stuttering, high-pitched whining voiced, doofus-looking baseball hack with an anti-Patriots agenda who has been wrong on almost every point before and basically trashed the whole Patriots fanbase.

    If Tony the Little B*tch is against the trade, it was obviously a genius move by Belichick.
  13. ElReyDeLosReyes

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    Richard Seymour =/= Entire Patriots Defense
  14. PATSNUTme

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    The only thing worse than his writing is his voice- fingernails down the chalkboard. I"m glad I didn't have to listen to it.
  15. fgssand

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    We are all bellichicklets here so we know nothing.......but, this guy mazz now he knows football all right.

    Damn, just when I though BB was a hall of fame coach, he puts it all on the line with a move like that.
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  16. italia44

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    Ignore Mazz......he's a girly-man begging for a spot on 98.5.:singing:
  17. I really like the Seymour trade but he was the only player that stepped his game up last year. Anyways, the quote above pretty much sums up the last 4 years for the Patriots. In fact, it's a sad reality most Pats fans can't sink into their brain. Sorry guys, but nobody fears BB anymore and he can't get into any QB's head. I find it hilarious when he is called a "mastermind" on defense. Zero super bowls since '04, keep drinking the kool-aid fellow Pats fans.
  18. cupofjoe1962

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    Massarotti & Felger are two Pee-ons in a pod on 98.5 fm

    They both know squat about football, but Felger knows more than

    I remember Felger was on the air on WEEI when the Cory Dillon trade
    was anounced. He said Belichick was dancing with the Devil.

    Yeah... alll the way to the 2004 championship.

    I also remember Felger saying about 4 years ago that if he was starting
    a franchise, he would take Carson Palmer over Tom Brady.

    As much as Felger rips the Pats, he still knows more about football than
    the Varitek loving Massarotti.
  19. flasox27

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    It looks like the wimpy weasel is getting the same feedback on the Globe site. I guess he is still hoping for Walsh to come up with the tape to exonerate his bff Tomase.
  20. Garbanza

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    ...although keeping BJGE may be ;)

    Does this move make the defense weaker short term? Yup. Is the loss significant? That remains to be seen. However, lets not delude ourselves. If this Patriost team makes the post-season, it will be on the offenses back, not the defense. Lets just hope the d-line gets enough pressure on the opponent (harder with Big Sey gone), that the starting lbs stay healthy and that the secondary gels to the point of adequate this year. If the team fails this year it sure as heck won't be just because of Seymours absence. That's ridiculous. Last I checked Seymour has been with the Pats the last four years - zero SB victories.
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