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    one thing that struck me from last night

    with the new blocking schemes, the OL was consistently pushing the LOS several yards deep. I think this contributes mightily to the impression I had last night, in which Maroney simply stutter stepped, was tackled, looked like nothing happened, but picked up 5, 6 yards on the play. If that is how it is supposed to work, and will continue to get better, then this is going to be an exciting offense to watch.

    with the impressive display by Wilfork, along with Colvin, Thomas and Green, the DL was pushing the Carolina OL way off the LOS. The greatest examples of this were tackles for losses, pressure on the QB, and most obviously, blocked kicks. If we can expect this from Wilfork when Sey and Warren are to his sides, with Thomas, Colvin, Bruschi and Vrabel at LB, this is as good a front 7 as I can remember seeing, all the way back to the Steel Curtain, Purple People Eaters, Monsters of the Midway, et al. Amazing to think that we have some real talent at DB and that is the perceived weak spot. Don't tell Rodney. On second thought--tell Rodney, but tell him Mangini said it, not me.
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    Too late, FF--don't you know that Rodney knows exactly when the Pats are disrespected--anyone, anywhere, anytime? He's on his way to bring you a, ahem, "present" as I type this. :D

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