(Lack of) In game adjustments after a WR injury

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    I think Mcdaniels will be o.k. once he settles back in but is it me or does the offense simply go into the tank after one of its players at receiver gets injured?

    Its been 2 games out of the 3 now where a WR had been playing well in the game,only to come out with injury and then the offense totally goes in the tank.

    It happened in the Cards game with Hernandez and now in the Ravens game with Edelman

    It appeared to me that the Ravens had no answers for containing Edelman who might have had a career night if not for the injury and maybe the offense doesn't sink.

    I think the offense has been horrid at in-game adjustments and struggles to find a new method of replacing the player who has been playing well.

    Its not a matter of personnel because Brady has enough targets,it appears a new game plan to keep the offense moving after a player is gone has not been working.

    Welker was great but Edelman was catching important catches as well.
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