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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. SVN

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    anyone catch him on espn just now ? Was hilarious. They were talking about the pats 16-0 should they go for it and who will beat them etc. So ditka says the bears were 12-0 and went to miami and lost which was a surprise and miami did some things we didnt expect and didnt adjust and by the time we did we had to play catchup. So any team can sneak up on the pats.
    So keyshawn goes -paraphrasing - "but i think the coach up in new england is a little bit smarter than the one chicago had" . To credit ditka he acknowledge it in the spirit of the joke.
  2. patriot lifer

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    I wish I saw that. That's hilarious. :rofl:
  3. SWelker

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    That was funny, and also very true. I am surprised Tom Jackson didn't agree with Shula, he usually can't wait to bash Belichick.
  4. Patriot_in_NY

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    Even funnier was that Keyshawn wasn't joking :rocker:
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