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Key Dates for Pats & NFL: 2010 Calendar

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by jmt57, Mar 21, 2010.

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    Some dates are best-guess estimates, but this list should be fairly accurate.

    Feb 11: First day that teams may designate franchise or transition players

    Feb 24-Mar 2: NFL Scouting Combine, Indianapolis IN

    Feb 25: Deadline for teams to designate franchise and transition players

    March 4: Expiration date of all player contracts due to expire in 2010

    March 4: Deadline for submission of qualifying offers by teams to their Restricted Free Agents whose contract have expired and to whom they desire to retain the right of first refusal and compensation

    March 4: Deadline for teams to submit offer of minimum salary to retain exclusive negotiating rights to their players with fewer than three seasons of free agency credit whose contracts have expired

    March 5: Beginning of veteran free agency signing period

    March 5: Beginning of trading period

    March 13-16: NFLPA meeting, Maui, HI

    March 15: Start of off-season voluntary conditioning programs

    March 21-24: NFL Annual Meeting, Orlando FL

    March 22: Compensatory draft picks announced

    March 22: Week one primetime games announced

    March 28: Preseason national TV schedule announced

    March 29: Preliminary (week-by-week) preseason schedule announced

    April 13: NFL schedule announced

    April 15: End of signing period for Restricted Free Agents

    April 21: Deadline for teams to exercise right of first refusal to Restricted Free Agents

    April 22: NFL Draft, Round One, New York City (1 pm)

    April 23: NFL Draft, Rounds 2 & 3, New York City (12 pm)

    April 24: NFL Draft, Rounds 4-7, New York City (10 am)

    April 29-May 1: Patriots rookie mini-camp

    May 17-19: Patriots OTA (Passing Camp)

    May 18-20: NFL Spring Meeting, Dallas TX

    May 25-28: Patriots OTA

    June 1: Deadline for teams to send tender to unsigned Unrestricted Free Agents to receive exclusive negotiating rights for rest of season if another team does not sign player by July 22

    June 1: Deadline for teams to send tender to unsigned Restricted Free Agents or to extend qualifying offer to retain exclusive negotiating rights

    June 2: Unrestricted free agents signed no longer count towards the formula for determining compensatory draft picks

    June 1-2: Patriots OTA

    June 4-5: Patriots OTA

    June 7: Patriots Charitable Foundation Golf Tournament in Bolton MA

    June 8: Patriots OTA

    June 9-11: Full squad mandatory mini-camp

    June 15: Deadline for teams to withdraw original qualifying offer to unsigned Restricted Free Agents and still retain exclusive negotiating rights by substituting a tender of 110% of previous year’s salary

    June 27-30: NFL Rookie Symposium, Carlsbad CA

    July 5: 24 hour waiver claiming system begins

    July 14: Franchise player signing deadline; franchise players cannot sign multi-year contracts after this date

    July 15: NFL Supplemental Draft

    July 22: End of signing period for Unrestricted Free Agents who received June 1 tender

    July 29: Training Camp opens (other NFL teams start from July 24 to Aug 3)

    Aug 7: 2009 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony, Canton OH

    Aug 8: Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, Canton OH

    Aug 12-16: First preseason weekend

    Aug 12: Preseason week one

    Aug 19: Preseason week two
    Induction into Patriots Hall of Fame; Pats Alumni Weekend

    Aug 26: Preseason week three

    Aug 31: Roster cut down to maximum of 75 players

    Sept 2: Preseason week four

    Sept 4: Roster cut down to maximum of 53 players

    Sept 9-13: NFL regular season kicks off

    Sept 12: Week 1

    Sept 19: Week 2

    Sept 26: Week 3

    Oct 3: Week 4

    Oct 10: Week 5

    Oct 11-12: NFL Fall Meeting

    Oct 17: Week 6

    Oct 19: Trading deadline

    Oct 24: Week 7

    Oct 31: Week 8

    Nov 7: Week 9

    Nov 14: Week 10

    Nov 21: Week 11

    Nov 28: Week 12

    Dec 5: Week 13

    Dec 12: Week 14

    Dec 19: Week 15

    Dec 26: Week 16

    Jan 2: Week 17

    Jan 3, 2010: Regular season ends

    Jan 8-9: NFL playoffs, wild card round

    Jan 15-16: NFL playoffs, division round

    Jan 23: Conference championship games

    Feb 6: Super Bowl 45, Arlington TX

    Feb 13: Pro Bowl

    March 4: Beginning of Free Agency and 2011 League Year
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    #75 Jersey

    This should be a sticky in the main forum, nice job :)
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