Jags pose some problems

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  1. PatsMan26

    PatsMan26 Practice Squad Player

    It seems like most people on here are really confident about the game this week as am I. However, their defensive line looked scary. It seemed that everyone along the front could rush the passer. They can get to the qb without blitzing often which is a problem. Is Henderson going to be healthy? I saw him carted off and then he re-entered the game later on. Also, the Pats seem to struggle against smaller elusive backs. I think they need to focus on keeping the ball out of Jones-Drew's hands. He will do a lot of damage if he consistently gets the ball in space.
  2. onegameatatime

    onegameatatime Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    The Jags do pose some legit problems. On the plus side, the Pats should be rested. Seymour seems to be getting stronger.

    I suspect the Pats have been working on formations and plays for 6 weeks for the playoffs and they have been seen by no one yet.
  3. xmarkd400x

    xmarkd400x 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    The Patriots have allowed 1 sack per game against defensive fronts not rated in the top 10 on CHFF's "Defensive Hog Index". The Jaguars have sacked teams rated in the top 10 of CHFF's "Offensive Hog Index" 1.3 times per game this season. Jacksonville's defensive front is rated 12th. New Englands offensive line is rated #1.

    Also, wouldn't any defense have trouble with an "elusive" back? I mean... that's why they are called "elusive", right?
  4. FrontSeven

    FrontSeven Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Excellent point.
  5. Jimke

    Jimke In the Starting Line-Up

    Wow, I got my games mixed up. The Jags don't play in San Diego.

    The Pat's will try to take the run away from Jacksonville and make

    David Garrard beat them. Garrard is not Tom Brady. If Taylor and

    Jones-Drew can be contained and Tom has his normal good day,

    the Pats should win. Turnovers are their only enemy.
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  6. PatsWickedPissah

    PatsWickedPissah PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Disable Jersey

    Looks like the Pats OL will be stronger with Neal returning at RG.
  7. Absurdly Metro

    Absurdly Metro Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    The Jax D-Line/pass rush looked great until the Roethlisberger's went into a hurry up offense. After that they looked like crap. As bad as Ben was in the first half (and he was BAD) he was incredible in the second half. I thought it was mostly due to the hurry up neutralizing the Jax pass rush. I'd be very surprised if Brady and Co. don't come out in a hurry-up/spread offense to exploit this very weakness. IMO, BB knows this and will be game planning to take away the strength of the Jax D. If the Pats do this and it slows down the Jax D-line like it did in PIT the result could be the Pats to going up big early which also takes away the strength of their offense and forces Garrard to try to beat us with his arm. I think we all know that ain't happening. Anyway, that's my take. But what do I know? I'm just a football neophyte.
  8. ClevTrev

    ClevTrev Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I agree. The Jags are an excellent team, but all teams have flaws. One of those flaws is that they can be exploited with a strong passing game that includes play action and judicious use of the run to keep the secondary honest. The Pats excel at this type of play, and I anticipate we'll start to see some things unveiled in the playoffs that were never run in the regular season.

    On defense, the Pats are excellent at taking away a strength and forcing a team into a game they would rather not play. If the Pats can get points early, this is huge, as the Jags' comfort zone is working their offense off of the run. As long as the weather cooperates and allows the Pats to use all their weapons, I believe this game will be a good one.
  9. PatsMan26

    PatsMan26 Practice Squad Player

    Despite what your hog index says that doesn't do the Pats any good on Saturday night. Right?

    Not all defenses are the same. Some are built with speed thus having better ability to stop smaller quicker backs while struggling against big power backs.

    "wait wouldn't any defense have trouble stopping a "power" back?, afterall they are "powerfull"
  10. Halifax_Pats_Fan

    Halifax_Pats_Fan In the Starting Line-Up

    what is the news on our RT
  11. Bigdogx

    Bigdogx On the Game Day Roster

    How did that Jets front defensive line look when they played against the Steelers? The Steelers o-line has been one of the main problems on that team all season long, they have made many teams pass rushes look dominate.
  12. sebman2112

    sebman2112 In the Starting Line-Up

    As some other people have pointed out, the Jags one flaw on defense is stopping the pass. Also, you might think they have a great pass rush, but that's actually not true. Against top passing offenses they've had a hard time consistantly putting pressure on the QB, and they've given up yards to precision passers.

    This is my own opinion, but I also know Sam Kouvaris (#1 rated sports guy in Jacksonville) holds that same opinion, as he's said the Patriots ability to pass will pose some problems for the Jags, and they "haven't been able to constantly put pressure on the QB this year".
  13. satz

    satz 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    the whole problem if i remember came when maurice ran into kylebrady fell down. all our defence relaxed and he jumped up ran for TD.tubby can did not touch him when on the ground .

    in that game except for that 1 play he put up less than 40 yrd in close to 15 carries.
  14. sebman2112

    sebman2112 In the Starting Line-Up

    Yea, everyone thought he was down, but he actually wasn't. That was more of a freak play than anything.
  15. PatsMan26

    PatsMan26 Practice Squad Player

    I agree the Pats passing attack definatley poses the bigger problem for the Jags. I just think the D Line looks very capable of putting pressure on Brady and that is a concern.
  16. FibSeq13478

    FibSeq13478 Practice Squad Player

    Their defensive line looked scary in the Steelers game because Steelers had a make shift offensive line. Pats tackles actually play pretty well against the bigger (slower) pass rushers like the Jags (and Chargers) have. The bigger problem is the big defensive linemen knocking down passes. I would be very surprised if BB hasn't had his team practising with defensive linemen/linebackers play with tennis racquets in their hand to make sure the QB is not surprised by the reach of these linemen (I think did a similar drill prior to previous match up with Jags).
  17. xmarkd400x

    xmarkd400x 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Past performance is not an indicator of future success. We all know that. However, if you are choosing to debate an issue, past success is as good a metric as any.

    That one was a little tongue in cheek. Yes, the Patriots have historically had an easier time against bigger backs and a harder time against smaller quicker backs.
  18. chris_in_sunnyvale

    chris_in_sunnyvale In the Starting Line-Up

    As others said, Pitt's offensive line was a pass-blocking seive this year. Go to a Steelers board and you'll see several threads all year about how bad the pass protection has been. Remember Vrabel's game against that RT earlier this year? He blew past the guy every single snap. He was held on all of those, but for whatever reason the refs let it go.

    Jax's strength was having Stroud and Henderson in the middle and now Stroud is out and Henderson is seriously hurting. Grady Jackson filled in admirably against Pitt, but can he last a whole game at DT vs. the Pats?

  19. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    The had a make shift Oline and a mentally challenged QB who could not make decisions in anything approaching a timely fashion. Smerlas and Fox were on Sports Extra last night and they were positively salivating at this matchup. Jacksonville is stout and they bullrush. Tom will use snap counts and cadence against them. The aren't speed rushers and the don't feature confusing or exotic schemes and blitz packages. Brady will quickly and decisively and convincingly carve them up. Even if Mathis attaches himself to Randy, and even moreso if they double Randy. Their LB's and safeties will be mismatched all night against 3 more accomplished WR, a big TE, a shifty scat back, and an explosive RB.

    The problem the JAGs present for the Patriots are on the ground and in the return game. If they limit them there, and they don't have to shut them down entirely, they will be fine. Pittsburgh nearly beat this team with no running game, no return game, multiple turnovers, Ben's head stuck up his ass and poor coaching.
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