Is this Colts game still important?

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Is the Colts game still important?

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  1. Yes, it's still very important

  2. Not so much, but still important

  3. The Bills, Jets, Fins and Steelers games are way more important

  4. Treat it like a glorified pre-season game

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  5. I'm a Colts fan and I'll just die if we lose this one.

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  1. PATSNUTme

    PATSNUTme Paranoid Homer Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    #75 Jersey

    This is normally a game that everyone looks forward to. It usually has playoff position at stake.

    Yet I find myself thinking more of this game as not very important at all. The important games IMO, are the next three or four angainst the Bills, Jets, Fins, and Steelers.

    I know BB probably won't do this but I think he should hold out any player who still has a nagging injury. That includes Jordon, Morris and Hobbs. Maybe he should only play Cassel for a half and give O'Connell the 2nd half to get some experience with the varsity.

    Many are going to disagree with this thinking, so let's have a poll.
  2. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

    TheGodInAGreyHoodie Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract


    Take a guess who said the following?

    "Let me know when the game doesn’t matter. Let me know during the regular season when you can come in and say that this game is really no big thing. We have 16 games [and] every one of them is big. When one of those games comes up, let me know so I will be able to understand that. I think our back is against the wall. I think every game is an important game. We have 16 of them. So, every game is a big game for us. We don’t have 162 games or 81; we have 16.

    I think we all understand that the division games count a little more than the rest of the games. So if you go out and win a big game and then you go back and lose the next week, what difference does it make whether you lose the big game or win it, it is the same thing - you are 1-1. Maybe a division game counts a little more, I understand that. But all other things being equal what difference does it make whether you are 1-1 or 1-1? If that is the way it is than you are 1-1. I have never understood that maybe you can explain that to me too. How if you win this game but lose that one versus losing that game and winning this one - what the big difference is. I have never really been able to understand that."
  3. Double G

    Double G In the Starting Line-Up

    This game is VERY important; if the Patriots can go into their house without Brady and beat the Colts, they are toast, dead, done, finished.

    If they beat us, they still have a pulse, but are on life support.

    End their season with a win.

    Make this happen Patriots.
  4. jsho

    jsho Practice Squad Player

    Every game is important. This is a team that we could be competing with for a Wild Card spot in a month and a half. They are by no means out of the race. You never want to give points to a team in the AFC. And looking at Buffalos schedule, every game is important to keep on pace with them.
  5. BradyFTW!

    BradyFTW! Supporter Supporter

    #12 Jersey

    Not as important as in years past, since the Colts just aren't the team that they used to be. It's still important, though, and I'd love for the Pats to be the team that puts the last nail in the coffin on their season.
  6. cstjohn17

    cstjohn17 Supporter Supporter

    #54 Jersey

    Important, very important, very, very important. Beating the Colts is as good as a playoff victory, putting a nail in the Colts season is like a mini-superbowl.

    Colts suck, Jets suck harder.
  7. TruthSeeker

    TruthSeeker Supporter Supporter

    Let me see. There are 16 games and we haven't a clue exactly where the Patriots will be at the end of the year (anywhere from having a bye to missing the playoffs). What kind of question is this? :confused:
  8. patriotspride

    patriotspride Banned

    all the games are important. but i dont think home field advantage for the afc championship game is at stake this time.
  9. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

    TheGodInAGreyHoodie Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    the lame kind.
  10. PATSNUTme

    PATSNUTme Paranoid Homer Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    #75 Jersey

    Probably just a tad more important than playing and NFC team. Again, I would hold out any player who has and injury but still could play.

    We need to be as good as we can be for the games that really count- Bills and the Jets.
  11. xmarkd400x

    xmarkd400x 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    The Pats are tied for #2 in the AFC right now. A win means they have the opportunity to separate themselves from the pack somewhat.

    Overall, in the season, this may not have a LARGE impact on the outcome, but at the current time, with the playoff race not sorted out yet, it is very important.
  12. JSn

    JSn Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    That BB PC quote is probably my favourite of the year. And that tells me that they will hold nothing back on any game. Just like last year.

    If Vince is suspended and we win... so No Tom, Vince, Laurence, Rodney OR Lav Bauta... this victory will not only empty the Colts bandwagon, but set it to flame.
  13. ALP

    ALP Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    its a regular season game...

    but not only that, its a regular season game against the colts...

    those are ALWAYS important
  14. Patsguy05

    Patsguy05 On the Game Day Roster

    Yes - this game is very important. EVERY game is important. Besides the fact that I live here.
  15. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

    TheGodInAGreyHoodie Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    you going to the game?
  16. PATSNUTme

    PATSNUTme Paranoid Homer Moderator Staff Member Supporter

    #75 Jersey

    I guess I might want to rethink my position on this.
  17. chris_in_sunnyvale

    chris_in_sunnyvale In the Starting Line-Up

    5-3 is a lot closer to the likely 10-6 cutoff to make the playoffs than 6-2 is, considering the remaining schedule:

    - Buffalo twice (currently tied with the Pats atop the division)
    - @ Miami (38-13...they're no pushover)
    - Jets (always play tough in Foxboro)
    - Pittsburgh (they could beat the Pats 3-0)
    - Arizona (Warner/Fitz/Boldin could put up 400yds on this secondary)
    - Back-to-backs @Seattle and @Oakland (hate those west-coast games)

    I'd be mildly surprised, but not utterly shocked if the Pats went 4-4 in the 2nd half. If that happened, then we'll be really hoping for a 6-2 first half.

  18. chrisfx811

    chrisfx811 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    A game against Mr. 'Quiet Strength'? Are you kidding? For me, this is the biggest game of the 1st half of the season.
    SD may or may not make the playoffs, and they crushed us.
    Miami will most likely not make the playoffs, and they crushed us as well.
    We have beaten 1 team that will probably make the playoffs. The Colts are not dead yet, but it sure would be nice to put them in a huge hole at the halfway point of the season.

    The players that the Colts are missing all stand a chance to be back in plenty of time for a playoff push, iirc. Many of the Pats players aren't coming back until next year, if at all.
  19. stinkypete

    stinkypete In the Starting Line-Up

    #24 Jersey

    This game is absolutely important. A Pats/Colts game is a Pats/Colts game, regardless of who is on IR and who is underachieving. The winner of this game defeated their biggest conference rival. These teams respect each other and consider each other contenders. The winner gains a big confidence boost and a boost of credibility in a tough year.

    The loser is screwed. Both teams are weakened. The Patriots have lost their cornerstone plus 2 high profile starters. The Colts are supposed be able to handle them at home. The Colts have played mediocre. They are thin at almost every position and look sloppy and off rhythm. The Patriots are supposed to prove themselves by taking advantage of a week opponent.

    So no matter who wins, the loser is going to be nailed, from a media standpoint. The media wants to write both these teams off. It's a big story. They will jump all over whoever loses this game.
  20. Tunescribe

    Tunescribe Supporter Supporter

    #61 Jersey

    I'll settle this for everyone:

    It's more important than a game against an NFC team and less important than a game vs. a division opponent.

    You're all welcome. Glad I could help. :singing:
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